This Is A Creative Writing Piece About My Friend Almost Drowning. It Has Four Parts To It, Each Tells The Same Story From A Different Perspective.

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The PoolFlashing red and blue dominated the room. Video games were all he could see; nothing could tear him away. Engulfed in sounds of race cars and yelling fans, he sat there, clueless. No noise penetrated his ears. Fingers ran across controls at light speed, his mind focused completely on the game. The sun rose, leaving a glare on the television screen. Images of the crashing cars hid behind white light, and frustrated by the forces beyond his control, he sat back, waiting to lose. Bored, he wandered to the window. "Mom! Mom! Sis fell!" he yelled, his face pressed against the glass even harder than his fingers against the controls moments before. Condensation appeared on the window, and the little green eyes continued to look onto the scene, helpless. "Mom, hurry! She can't swim!" Tears crawled down his cheek as he waited. Seconds took hours. Fans continued to roar in the background, but now he shut them out of his mind. He watched his baby sister sinking. His mother jumped into the pool. Water shot into the sky only to come down moments later, littering the concrete. He watched her swim to the depths of the pool, with each stroke her biceps tense. He mom was brave. He looked into the kitchen. There sat his dad. He wondered why he hadn't jumped in along with mom, but his throat prevented all speech. Screams gathered deep in his belly, but nothing came out. Anger left him as tears and deep breaths, but confusion swelled inside. He stared into his dilated eyes and questioned his life. He wanted nothing more than to be at the bottom with his sister, to hold her in her final moments. Something smashed and he turned to see his mother carrying a lifeless child. He ran with incredible speed. "Call 911!" Call 911!" she yelled. "Dad, call 911!" he said. Seeing no movement from his father, he grabbed the phone. His weak voice managed to explain the event and the location. He reassured his mother that the ambulance would be there soon, and hung up quickly. Although he saw the determination in her eyes he knew his mother could do nothing to save her. He turned to his father and began to shake him. His force caused the needle to fall from dad's arm, and suddenly he opened his eyes. Confusion fell over both of them as they stared deep into each other's eyes. The ambulance could be heard outside.****The house was a mess. Endless vacuuming along with Windex and paper towels failed to clean. Mindlessly, she vacuumed the living room for the seventh time. Through the doorway she saw her husband. There he sat lifeless at the table. She reminisced and tears filled her eyes. She glanced around realized she had nothing. Nothing to live for, nothing to care for. "Mom! Mom! Sis fell!" she heard. The vacuum fell at her feet. Crack! Freezing water shot around her body. She swam for life, both her own and the baby's. Each arm pulled with a greater intensity that the previous stroke, but their distance grew. Her eyes...

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We had to write a short story in my creative writing class. This story is called Jesus Lives in Colorado

5008 words - 20 pages her blood and bath water while he was cradling her body like an infant. It was shock that caused him to act that way. "Anyone would do the same thing", he thought to himself. He was just trying to save her; He had no way of rationalizing that she was already gone. He had just seen her two hours before. She even blew him a kiss. Now he was alone in the world, that's how they had become so close. Aside from each other, they were both alone

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688 words - 3 pages get angry.Back when I lived in Geelong, the trips would each last about an hour. I loved going over the Westgate Bridge - "The Big Bridge", as I called it. We used to stop into service stations whenever Dad needed petrol, and buy icy-poles. Dad always finished his quickly, before he started driving again, but I was slow - I liked to savour the taste of my Calippo, Magnum, Split, or whichever other icy-pole had caught my eye that day.After I

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485 words - 2 pages photographer, Sally O'Connor, to take pictures as evidence of his accomplishments.As planned, on August 1, 1988, Jim Johnson and his team of explorers set out for the most inhospitable place on Earth. They left from the southern tip of Australia in a cargo ship named Kaluah. The ship packed with over 100 dogs, sleds, food, had enough supplies to last 6 months if needed. Even though it was the middle of summer, the crew noticed large mountains of ice

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535 words - 2 pages SO YOUNG SO ADDICTEDJustin Mackenzie has been smoking since the age of 10 till now he?s 15. Every single person in his family has lung illnesses caused by smoking and he knows all that. But why is he still smoking? Lolita Lee talks to him about that and a whole lot more.First, give us a brief history of Justin Mackenzie.Where do you get cigarettes?When I was ten, I used to take it from my friends, they never told me where they get it. But now, I

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1004 words - 5 pages is it? You know as a marking of justice and good moral examples for generations to come?” Resole knew that this was that sort of a story. “hmm.” The ranger turned from his horse to face Resole. “I don’t think you understand that ‘justice’ is in the eye of the beholder, ma’m, in which I mean that whereas your perspectives may very well be that ya’ll are wrongfully brought to this here country, my perspective begs to differ. As I see it, my

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832 words - 3 pages Character Flaws of "Romeo and Juliet"Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's plays about tragedy. It is about two lovers who commit suicide when their family rivalries prevent them from being together. The play has many characters, each with its own role in keeping the plot line. Some characters have very little to do with the plot. Many characters do not have much time on stage but their parts are crucial to the plot of the story. Some of the

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741 words - 3 pages who call themselves Black and whose roots are from South America.Regardless of the diverse demographical nature of this town it feels familiar to me because I have lived here for 25 years. Throughout my high school years, I can recall a place where I would drive by, never stopping and never thinking twice about it. It was a part of town close to one of the colleges where we had soccer practices and games.One Saturday afternoon, a friend and I

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1121 words - 5 pages little girl was suddenly taken over by a fit of giggles at their merriment. Soft music wafted up from the little fairy band, and were joined by the sweet chorus of the fairies little voices. And upon each flower two fairies danced, waltzing, and turning, spinning and leaping, for all of them seemed to be dancing to their own happy beat. And the little girl watched, until she could bare it no more, and soon fat tears fell from her weeping eyes. And

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817 words - 3 pages . They overlapped each other, confusing me.I banged at the window, "What do you want with me? Let me out!"No one paid me any attention. I retreated away from the window. I took a few steps back and started to pace around the little room. It irritates me, all the whiteness. Even when I close my eyes, I can feel it surrounding me. Boom, boom, boom. I could feel a soft pounding building up in my head. I hated it. I looked at the window. Hate

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2272 words - 9 pages are involved in sports withme have. Jerri is still one of my very good friends though. Erica has beenmy best friend since the 1st grade. We have the funniest timestogether, especially riding horses together. Her family and her ownfive. Herfamily always ask me to go to rodeo's and such, they say I am a natural."Pizza is so expensive these days" Erica says loudly to us while tryingto put her jeans on."Erica, it's only a one dollar and fifty cents." I

Short creative essay on Katherine Mansfield's short story, Bliss. The main character's hysteric happiness with life is questioned when it is revealed that her husband has a lover

513 words - 2 pages never again go around blindly, accepting the social norms of what has been dictated to her from birth. The point of the story is the imagined next day of this woman, who has been so shaken to her core, and how she will survive the knowledge of hypocrisy in the world. So this poor woman is actually a hero- she has gone through her adolescence a bit later than one would hope of a modern day woman, but nonetheless, she has achieved her own independence. So in reality, it is a story of triumph.

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