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This Is Just A Business Idea/Plan. It Has Some Marketing Strategies, And Business Layout.

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F.K. RecordsCompany PlanF. K. records is a C.D. recording and producing company. It is being founded by the band French Kiss (mainly guitarist, and drummer). The bases of the company are small bands, marketed to the local fans, that type of thing. Meanwhile we will be expanding and also getting larger bands. This paper goes through our basic business plan.Like I previously stated F. K. Records is in the business of recording and producing compact discs (C.D.s). We will be starting small with our studio/warehouse located in Salt Lake City. What we would like to accomplish is simple, getting local bands to sign with us then producing and selling their c.d.s to local areas.Here at F.K. Records we feel that high schools are a great market for C.D.s. We plan to visit high school talent shows, and other showcases where local bands will perform. The bands that we feel are top notch we will approach and try and set up terms where as we can produce their C.D.s. Once we have a quality band, and a quality C.D. made for them we would like to market each individual band.The marketing for the bands will include shows at there school, shows that we will set up at local places(a partner of ours runs a club, and plans for us to provide the local talent). At each of these shows, the C.D.'s will be sold at the door, or at booths. We also have connections at many different local and national radio stations, so we will be able to get our clients music on the air. Later on down the road, when some of our prestigious clients 'make it' we would like to advertise for them on the television, and set up larger 'gigs' for them. We are also going to approach local C.D. stores, like Media Play, with the idea of a new section strictly for local bands, in this section we will provide a C.D. of all our clients.We feel that there is an excellent opportunity here for a large profit. C.D.'s can be manufactured at a very low rate, and then sold...

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