This Report Covers The Topics Of Human Factors Engineering, Attributes Of An Individual And How Human Perception Based On Vision, Touch And Audition Influences Product Design.

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Human Factor engineering is the field of engineering involving research into human psychological, social, physical, and biological characteristics, maintaining the information obtained from that research, and working to apply that information with respect to the design, operation or use of products or systems for optimizing human performance, health, safety, and or habitability. The main idea behind Human Factors engineering is to know your user and design a product that appeals him based on his preferences and characteristics. The concept of Human Factors emerged during the World War II when fighter pilots shot their own planes. This was mainly due to the machinery that they used was very complex by human standards and was very difficult to control. It was apparent at that time that such a disaster occurred because the Human Factors of the fighter pilots were not understood properly. Soon a solution was found and the system changed, people with a certain amount of experience were selected for the job, they were trained more often and smarter guns were built that were easier to operate. Attempt was made to fit the job to the fighter pilots rather than trying to fit the fighter pilots to the job.Is Human Factors engineering just plain and simple common sense? Well, no, not at all. If Human Factors was such an easy concept to grasp then why are they so commonly violated? and disasters due to human error continue to occur. Human errors can be of many forms which could range from wrong attitude to perception misjudgment to an improper operation of equipment. According to a report published by NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) it was cited that 80 percent of the air crashes are due to human error. A chart below that was published by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) further breaks down human error into categories and strengthens my point that Human Factors engineering is not just plain and simple common sense.A model that is constructed based on Human Factors engineering is called a balanced model. An individual might have many needs and preferences based on his perception, habits, needs, intelligence, biological characteristics etc., but designing a model that serves all of his needs and preferences is not possible. So we design a model that is of a proper "fit", a model that will serve most of his needs and preferences to the maximum. Such a model is called a Balanced Model. For example, a disabled person on a wheel chair might want his wheel chair to have a very comfortable seating arrangement with a lot of padding and cushioning and will also want the wheels on his wheel chair to be very easy to push with his hands so that he can move in around with the minimum possible effort. If the cushioning on the wheel chair is increased then the wheel chair will become heavy making it increasingly difficult to move around and if the cushioning is removed then the wheel chair will be very uncomfortable for the user. Therefore a model...

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