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This Report Was Written By Travis Weigel, "America's Identity Crisis." It Talks About Political Correctness Or Lack Of Common Identity In The Usa.

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America's Identity CrisisThis article is about the political correctness or lack of a common identity that stands in the way of our ability to be an American. Do we know what it means to be an American? Can we stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance? Who not? Is it because we have lost our identity? Or is it because we aren't asked to say the Pledge of Allegiance any more? This article states that we have become a society where differentiation has taken control of our life, where there is no common society there is no unity. We only come together in times of a crisis. I do not think that this is a true, although it is hard to see; we all strive to be called an American. Maybe it takes a closer look into our society, into our towns, into our schools, and into our hearts.Yes, our unity may be hard to see at times, but it is there. All we have to do is take a look into our communities, with their food pantries, clothes closets, soup lines, shelters, and much more. There is help no matter where one looks, from the local churches to the local Sheriff's office. We try our best to extend our hand to those in need. The differentiation or separating is the hardest to overcome. When helping someone from a different background, race, or religion, we have to be careful that we do not offend their heritage. Some will get very defensive when helped because of their pride or just the way they were raised. Everyone has different limits as to how they can help. Some who...

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