This Report Is About Conflict Management Support With Some Case Studies.

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Conflict ManagementThe principles of conflict managementDr. Kenneth W. Thomas defines conflict as the process which begins when we perceive that someone has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affected, something we care about. The more deeply we care about something the more intense the conflict.The traditional approach holds that all conflict is bad and that a good manager will work to minimize conflict at all costs. Now we learn to view conflict as potentially helpful, because it increases an organization's competency and productivity.There is no good or bad conflicts, it's the way we deal with it that determine the outcome, giving us the potential to enhance or lessen the quality of our relationships with one another. Depending on how they are handled, conflicts can produce constructive behaviour and positive outcomes or destructive behavior and Negative outcomesThe constructive conflict is the positive behaviour towards the conflicts, which will usually produce a positive outcome, e.g. fostering of innovation; diversity of opinion; creative tension; intellectual growth; opportunity for change and catharsis.Destructive conflict is the negative behaviour applied to the conflict and it usually result of a negative outcome. E.g. damaged relationships; diminished productivity; low morale; failure of purpose.Conflict situation:Joe bought a pair of shoes in a shoe store with one year warranty. Just after a month, one of the shoes is broken. Joe took the shoes to the shoe store hope to get a refund of replace it. But the shop assistant would not do that, and she think it is Joe's fault that the shoe was broken; it's not a problem with the quality of the shoes.There are five conflict management styles that could solve the conflict, these include: Avoiding, Accommodating, Competitive, Compromising and Collaborating.Avoiding is when we take no action at all; give up all the concerns to avoid the potential conflict. Here, Joe might not take the shoes to the store at all.When Accommodating is taking place, we might make an attempt to satisfy the concerns of the other party. In this case the shoe store might just replace the shoes to satisfy Joe's concerns, in order to settle the conflict and give customers a good impression of the store.Competitive is when both parties are attempting to satisfy their own concerns while showing little interest in the needs of the other party. Joe would want the money back or replace the shoes, but the shoes store would stick to their concern and take no action to solve the problem. It might appear to the warring parties that there is no solution in sight. Yet, if it's case of competition in work place, it could generate positive outcome of better performance, creative thinking, etc.Compromising means both parties give up half of their concerns in order to get the other half. Here Joe and the shoes store might compromised and agree for Joe to pay for half of the price to get a new pair of shoes. They have...

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