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This Report Is About The "Scarlet Pimperne"L. Main Characters, Setting, Ten Important Events In The Plot, And A Lesson I Learned From This Book

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Scarlet PimpernelBy Baroness Emmuska OrczyBantam Books264 pg.In 1792, during the French Revolution, a figure named the Scarlet Pimpernel saved many aristocrats from the French. Using daring plots and disguises he escaped from the French and his archenemy, Chauvelin.The main characters in this story are Lady Marguerite St.Just, Sir Percy Blakenley, Sir Andrew Ffoulkes, Chauvelin, Armand St. Just, and Mr. Jellyband.Sir Percy Blakenley was a good-looking and well-bred Englishman. He was a young man, taller than average, broad-shouldered and massively built. To conceal his identity as The Scarlet Pimpernel he assumed the manners of a fop with a nonsensical conversation and a perpetual inane ...view middle of the document...

The French people hated the "aristos" so they had taken over and where killing all men, woman, and children of noble blood. France is described as being overrun with blood, a country of murderous people. The story took place in both England and France. It started in Paris, France at the scene of the guillotine. Some of the story took place at The Fisherman's Rest in Dover, England. Other parts of the story took place at Sir Percy's house in Richmond, England, The Chat Gris in Calais, France, Lord Greenville's Ball and The Covent Garden Theatre in England.When the story took place in England there was an atmosphere of happiness and hope. Like when they are at The Fisherman's Nest eating after the Scarlet Pimpernel had just rescued French Comtesse and her two children. But when the story took place in France it had a dangerous and scary mood. Like when Sir Percy was trying to rescue Armand but had to always look over his shoulder for enemies.The first important event in the plot would be when Lord Anthony Dewhurst arrives with his guest the Comtesse and her two children. They have just been saved from the guillotine by the famous Scarlet Pimpernel. Jellyband serves dinner to all of guest. Everyone leaves the Inn except for one man who sneaks under a table to eavesdrop. The Comtesse is worried that her husband will not make it out of France. She is reassured that he will be rescued.The next day her brother and the old skipper approach Marguerite. Marguerite is given half an hour to speak to her brother before he is off to Paris. On her way back to the Inn, she is stopped by her friend Chauvelin. She is extremely happy the see Chauvelin because his presence brings her memories of her past in France where many people loved her. After a while, Chauvelin brings up the issue that he had initially ventured to speak to her about. He asks her if she will do a favor for France. Then he explains why he is there: to investigate this elusive English spy and hopefully find out who he is. He asks for her help to find the Scarlet Pimpernel. Marguerite is eventually blunt with her opinion, the man is a hero and therefore there is no reason for her to turn such a man in. Chauveiln thinks otherwise, but Marguerite turns around telling him that she wants nothing more to do with him.In The Fisherman's Rest after everyone had gone to bed Lord Antony and Sir Andrew met by the fire to discuss the days work. Sir Andrew told Lord Antony about the Scarlet Pimpernel's daring escape. Sir Andrew gave him instructions from the Scarlet pimpernel with the words, "You are to read these instructions and commit them to memory and then destroy them." When he went to put the letter away a tiny slip of white paper fluttered out of his pocket. Neither man knew where it came from. Sir Andrew realized by closer inspection that it was from their leader.While they were intent on their reading a man snuck up on them, attacking Lord Antony. Then another man burst through the door knocking Sir...

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