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This Report Is About The World Of The Americas (400 1500) "The Tepee"

607 words - 2 pages

*How did I construct my project?First, I took 36 med. sized popsicle sticks and super glued them together on top of each other. I evened out one side after gluing them all together so that I would have a flat surface.Then, I took 4 more med. sized sticks and cut them in half down the middle, making 8 half's. I took 4 of the half's & super glued each to a corner going up at an angle, so that the top ends were touching.Next, I poured some super glue on the top of the half sticks and blew on them to make them dry. After about 2 minutes, I took the other 4 half's and put on in between each half that was put up at an angle. I put them at a slight slant, and glued the tops of these to the other 4 at the top, and then I glued each half to the base. I took some clothe, and wrapped it around the half's after letting them dry for about 10 minutes.Last, I stapled the clothe together around the half's and then took a rubber band and tied it at the top. I cut a little entrance hole in the clothe, and there you go the first Amerindian people tepee!*Why did I choose this project?Well, I chose this particular project because of 3 reasons.One, because of me having Blackfoot, and Cherokee Indian in my blood, I wanted to learn more about that part of my heritage.Two, because I knew it would be something that not many people would think about, and that if I wanted it to be good I had to research it a little. So, I read chapter 7 in the history book, and learned a lot of things about Indians in the past and how there hunted, lived, and what...

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