This Report Is Required To Choose A Business Operating In The Tourism Sector And Describe How The Business Segments Its Market And How This Segmentation Is Reflected In Its Marketing Strategy.

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By Elaine Yiting SHAO
Dreamers' Paradise-DreamworldSo Many Worlds In OneName: Elaine Yiting SHAOID: 1955 9224Tutor: Blake StanwickUnit Name: Tourism MarketingUnit Code: MKW2600Word Count: 2876 Table of ContentsiiiExecutive Summary 11 Introduction 11.1 Purpose 11.2 Scope 11.3 Methodology 11.4 Limitations 11.5 Assumptions 22 Background 13 Identification of Market Segmentation 13.1 Theory of Market Segmentation 13.2 The Importance of Segmentation 14 Analysing Market Segmentation Using Segmentation Variables 14.1 Recognition of Appropriate Variables 14.2 Application of Market Segmenting Using Different Variables 14.2.1 Geographical Segmentation 14.2.2 Demographic Segmentation Segmentation by Age Segmentation by Family Life Cycle 24.2.3 Psychographic Segmentation Segmentation by Attitudes and Opinions Segmentation by Lifestyles 34.2.4 Behaviouristic Segmentation Segmentation by Purchase Occasions and Brand Loyalty 54.3 An Overall Notion 55 Clarification of Marketing Strategies 55.1 The Marketing Mix Approach 55.2 Product 65.2 Price 75.3 Place 85.4 Promotion 88 Recommendations 99 Conclusion 1010 Appendix 10Appendix A: The Admission Fees for Dreamworld, Movie World and Sea World 12Appendix B: The Cover Page of The Wiggles Magazine 1311 References Executive SummaryThis report is designed to introduce an understanding of market segmentation and marketing strategy integrated with the exiting business - Dreamworld. It clarifies how Dreamworld - the largest theme park in Australia segments its market, and how the segmentation is reflected in its marketing strategy.Firstly, the report indicates the background of Dreamworld market. It describes how Dreamworld segments its market and identifies the marketing strategies applied by Dreamworld in its marketing segment. To pursue success, the approach of segmentation variables and marketing mix applied by Dreamworld with exemplifications are emphasised. Moreover, the report draws an expectation of Dreamworld. Ultimately, it concludes the main points refer to any underlying viewpoints.Based on the information in the report, readers may perceive the main market segments of Dreamworld and some marketing strategies applied in the process of its segmenting. Readers can find beneficial information from this report according to their respective needs, so that they can pursue their further studies appropriately with sufficient preparation and enhance their understanding of the concept of this topic.1 Introduction1.1 PurposeThe report aims to analyse how the theme park - Dreamworld segments its market and clarify how the segmentation is reflected in its marketing strategy.1.2 ScopeThe report identifies market segmentation, gives detailed explanation of marketing segmentation variables, and stresses application of Dreamworld when segment its market.Marketing strategies, especially the four Ps are discussed, supporting the analysis of Dreamworld case.1.3 MethodologyThe information...

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