This Sonnet Is Very Interesting. It Is A Very Confusing

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This Sonnet is very interesting. It is a very confusing poem, as well. Shakespeare uses many poetic devices, such as alliteration, symbolism, metaphors, and many more. At first it seems that Shakespeare is talking about a beautiful girl. Look deeper and think deeper. He is actually talking about leaves, trees, or nature. Shakespeare is showing his love for in this poem. In the first quatrain, Shakespeare is describing how nature will never look old to him. Since Shakespeare notice nature, he saw splendorous beauty. "For, as you were when first your eye I ey'd, …"(Shakespeare Line 2). In this line he uses assonance, "eye I ey'd". Even through the years it still looks beautiful to him. He means three years because he says "…Three winters cold…." Even when the winter steals the summer's pride and splendor it will still be pretty. Shakespeare also uses personification. He says that winter has taken away the summer's beauty. This line is the Volta of the poem. In this quatrain it seems that he is writing about a person but he is writing about nature and how it changes through the seasons. The next quatrain talks about the progression of the seasons and about what affect it has on nature. Spring allows nature to grow with its rain. Summer gets so hot that it burns the grass. "Three April perfumes in three hot Junes Burn'd,…"(ShakespeareSonnet 104). Shakespeare writes how spring changes into fall and how the fragrances of rain in April turn into hot muggy air. The process or progression of the season's changes the look of nature but it will always return...

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