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This Thang Right Hur Essay

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Many extraordinary events happened on the exact date of my birthday, April 24th, but also on that day and in that year. Some of these events range from the great scientific advances of being able to clone a full animal, to the tragic death of a princess. While some of these happenings are derisory, others have a much more profound meaning. Throughout this paper I will show and explain examples of incredible occurrences.
Around the time I was born my Mother didn't remember much because of the events taking place. However, some more notable things she did remember was the death of a holy person Mother Teresa, to new developments about Lyme disease. Delving deeper we find that Mother ...view middle of the document...

In 1968 the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as the USSR, tested one of its nuclear bombs. This was not the first test of USSR made bombs utilizing nuclear reactions but was one of the last. It occurred in Eastern Kazakh, towards the north of the Soviet Union. A United States grain embargo would be set up later in time after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. It was started in hopes that other countries would follow suite and starve the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, but it failed. It was later lifted and drastically reduced tensions between the two superpowers.
In 1968, Mauritius became a member of the United Nations. The country, being located off the eastern coast of South Africa, isn't a very known country in the world today. Comparing it to South African countries is like comparing an elephant to an ant. It is so small and so mysterious that not many things are known about it. Researching for a good time yielded almost no information about its relations to other countries at the time of it joining the UN. Moving from Mauritius the small mysterious country, to China the most populated and industrialised superpower today. In 1989, a absolutely massive amount of students took to Beijing to protest. They protested for social equality, freedoms of the press and speech. The whole incident dissolved into riots as the Chinese government sent armed forces in to quell the rioting and protesting. Many died, although it is not know how many due to lack of official reports, it is estimated to be in the thousands. This event was the result of the iconic picture of a student standing in front of a column of Type 59 military tanks. That picture is still referred to today as a sign of revolution,...

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