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This Was An Essay Assigned By My History Teacher To Prepare Us For The Senior Project. There Is A Works Cited At The End

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CONSEQUENCES OF CHILD ABUSEShrill cries from a small child in the middle of the night. "Ahhh, please daddy don't I'm sorry, daddy I'm so sorry. I'll be good I promise, I love you daddy!" Scared and confused, all she can do is sit there and take the abuse. She's so frighten; she doesn't understand why her daddy hates her so much to hit her so hard. She told him that she loves him, but he still hits her. All he does is yell, "SHUT UP! Why do you make me do this, shut up!" How do you think you would feel? Sitting scared to death, afraid to move, afraid to make him mad. So you sit there in the dark crying ever so quietly. "They cry in the dark, so you can't see their tears, they hide in the light, so you can't see their fears, forgive and forget, all the while, love and pain become one and the same, in the eyes of a wounded child."(Benatar). BAM! He kicks the door in, "Shut up! Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Later on, a few years down the road, the poor girl was still being abused. She wasn't being abused as much, but still just enough to give her nightmares. She can't seem to get the pictures out of her head, every time she closes her eyes; there he is, beating her. The poor girl begins to try anything she can to just forget, to forget everything, to make the pain just disappear; after all wouldn't you want to do anything in your power just to forget? Since child abuse is such a traumaticexperience, children often suffer from psychological problems that may influence or promote the use of narcotics later on in life.Abuse, one word with many definitions. "Child abuse is the blanket term for four types of child mistreatment: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. In many cases children are the victims of more than one type of abuse."(Baker). Whether a child is physically abused, emotionally abused, sexually abused or neglected, abuse is abuse, and it always hurts. Unfortunately no child is the same and so some types of abuse affect some children differently than others. Children who are physically abused often suffer from extreme behavioral changes such as: "extreme reactions, such as depression, self mutilation, suicide attempts, running away, over doses, being isolated or with drawn, inability to concentrate, lack of trust or fear in someone they know well, unexplained recurring injuries, self-destructive tendencies, aggression towards others, fear of physical contact-shrinking back touched, sudden speech disorders, continual self depression, over reaction to mistakes, and inappropriate responses towards pain ("I deserve this" or even laughter)." (Baker).Adolescents who experience physical abuse have higher tendencies to experiment with drugs and alcohol rather than children who have not be abused. These abused children are looking for anyway out; some way to...

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This is a paper that I wrote for my health class. I was assigned the topic of smallpox. I did very well on this 5 page paper

1281 words - 5 pages this disease and we know virtually nothing about it. Kids today should be forced into researching the diseases in order to learn what the chances of us getting it are, and if we DO get it, how would we know? Teens need to know this specific information to be better educated. By being informed about these viruses, they could further read on about other diseases.I personally am not too afraid of catching smallpox in my lifetime. That is also making the assumption that no terrorist or human is going to get the vials of smallpox to spread around. If that were to happen, at least I would know what was going on and what smallpox could do to me.

"Monster: An Autobiography of an LA Gang Member" Included is works cited This paper was only written for a 200 level English class Analyze the representation of violence in one scene in "Monster"

929 words - 4 pages the blow to my head come from Huck" (8) . This violence makes the audience feel sorry for Scott because the guys are very rough with him. However, this scene also creates antipathy because Scott is in this situation because he put himself there. The members of the gang are not forcing him to join and Scott knew that he was going to be "jumped in" by all the members of his set. Scott is eager to get this over with and be apart of something that

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel

1457 words - 6 pages said that we should show no fear. If we are to face God's wrath, then we should have the belief that we believe and that God will take us to heaven. We should we feel no wrath.There have been many predictions from both secularist and religious sides. Both believe that the new millennium will bring devastation and an end to the world. They also both believe that there is a chance that the world may be better due to this problem. The main question

Special Race Regulations This paper is an interesting look at reverse racism. It also has a works cited

1496 words - 6 pages "moral necessity" of the matter must not be confused as an "economic" cause (Rand). The foundation of the movement at worst was intended to set things strait, to find integrity in a misty haze of deceptive injustices. It was intended not to right previous wrongs, but to design their own history-to stop the never ending ring of hate, to stop living in the past. By resurrecting the lifeless issue of race, politically correct gurus are raising

Bolivian History and Culture This report was assigned for the purpose of learning about Bolivia's complex history and diverse culture

1492 words - 6 pages and are an economic deadweight. This is not an irrational label. Most of the Indians are subsistence farmers that only make what they need to live. They have a very low standard of living and can rarely afford any products from the market(Osborne94). They cling to the traditions set by their ancestors along with the land they live on. They would resist being integrated into the economic life of the community because of their tradition and the

US Policiy Paper about GUN CONTROL. This is a "Definition of an Argument" paper which looks at two sides of an argument. has complete works cited page. FULL MLA FORMAT. got an A- on it

2997 words - 12 pages Amendment is obsolete, or is intended solely to guard against suppression of state militias by the central government. They ask why a private citizen needs any firearm that is not designed primarily for hunting or other recognized sporting purposes. One mans answer to this question was "'There is no tradition of civilians owning assault-type guns'"(Edel 75) while another man states "...after much thought, I can see no justification for me - or

Essay and Works Cited for the book "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." This is a protest paper, focused on ANTI-CONFORMITY supported by critical reviews and articles. Pretty good paper :)

1321 words - 5 pages persuades the other patients to revolt with him. Thus, showing the inmates that there is life past the hospital. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest explores the anti-conformist feelings of a psychosomatic being, who attempts to break free of the restricted lifestyle and escape into a world of freedom. Ken Kesey's inspiration to write this book came from his personal experience with psychedelic drugs. He was told through a friend that a

This essay is about the different types of volcanoes and how they are made. Includes a works cited page

1192 words - 5 pages rock are blasted high into the air. Only a few spectacular eruptions are so violent that they blown the mountain apart.People for thousands of years have been fascinated by the spectacle of volcanic eruptions and terrified of their power. Some of these eruptions have caused some of the worst disasters in history, by wiping out entire towns and killing thousands of people. The word volcano comes from the term Vulcan, which was a name the ancient

This is a reaction paper i did for my speech class and the purpose was to inform someone about a time in my life that really affected me. there is no title for it. enjoy :D

664 words - 3 pages through it. The relationship was young, only been dating for 9 months, but it felt like i knew him forever. But like the saying goes " Good things must come to an end".In any mutual partnerships, there are its ups and downs. Everyone gets into little petty arguments or discussions that they try to avoid. i still remember "The talk" all too well. It was in the summer before I began my junior year of high school. At that time he was finishing up at

Paper for my health class assessing the use of medical marijuana. I received an A on this paper. My sources are listed at the end

1425 words - 6 pages , the marijuana just minimizes the incredible pain that a person is suffering through. Marijuana is currently legal for medicinal uses in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, and Nevada. For certain people, cannabis works medical wonders, but for others, it works disasters due to adverse reactions.Glaucoma is a common disease treated with marijuana. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye caused by inflammation of the inner eye that can cause

"Assisted Suicide" Teacher comments: Work on transitions. Grade: 85% This is an argument paper against assisted suicide. Works cited included

1338 words - 5 pages experiencing so much pain and suffering due to their illness. These extreme cases only exist because doctor's are allowing them to exist (Smith 256). Terminally ill patients are in excruciating pain, but there is a better end to their pain than death. These patients need to be given more care by doctors. If pain medication is the only way to stop their pain, then they need to be given pain medication. Anything is better than death.Assisted suicide

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987 words - 4 pages A View From the Bridge is about the dramatic life of a family in Brooklyn. Arthur Miller at first makes life seem simple and easy in their little home. Eddie is the compassionate uncle who cares for his niece and his wife Beatrice. Like anyone that lives together Eddie and Catherine have their small fights and disagreements but, usually work things out together. For instance Eddie says " I don't want to be a pest but I'm tellin' you you're

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5212 words - 21 pages were able to experience sex with more freedom than what was previously socially accepted for them. This sexual revolution that women were then able to experience was seen as positive as it enabled women and men to experience sex in a free and equal manner.Feminism has impacted so many people throughout history and still is impacting the society today. Everyone has been affected by the word feminism and so it is a very important piece of our