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This Was An Essay On Aphrodisiacs. A List Of Alleged Aphrodisiacs And Their Affects On Sexual Behavior, As Well As Definition And History.

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AphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs have been sought after since the beginning of time. Humans have always been trying to make things better for themselves. Look at where we are architecturally, so why shouldn't we look for things to make something already great better? I found this topic to be very intriguing because the Food and Drug Administration declares that there is no scientific proof of any aphrodisiacs; Although the population considers many things to be aphrodisiacs. Just because the food and drug administration does not recognize any substance as an aphrodisiac, does that mean that aphrodisiacs do not exist? Over the past few months I have been testing some of these certain alleged aphrodisiacs to find out if aphrodisiacs do exist. I have been cautious of my own safety while testing. The closest I found to be an aphrodisiac out of the things I tried was marijuana. You have to remember that every person is different and has different reactions to substances. What one person considers an aphrodisiac might be totally different than what another person thinks.What Exactly is an Aphrodisiac?An aphrodisiac is any substance that acts as a sexual stimulate. Aphrodisiacs are supposed to heighten sensitivity, increase intensity of orgasms, and increase sexual desires. An aphrodisiac can be a scent, food, pharmaceutical, ointment, etc. The most common forms of aphrodisiacs are foods and drugs.History of AphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs have been around for as long as sex has been enjoyable. The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. The use of aphrodisiacs can be dated back to Ancient Greece and Rome with the use of substances such as satyrion and cantharides. Satyrion is a plant unknown to us today, it supposedly was a plant with reddish leaves and a double root. Aphrodisiacs have been widely used throughout the course of history. From kings wanting to procreate to college students wanting to get laid. People will keep searching for aphrodisiacs until one is found to genuinely make sex better.Different Alleged AphrodisiacsThere are many more substances said to have aphrodisiac effects. Every person is different and each of the aphrodisiacs will act differently from person to person. Whether or not the aphrodisiac improves sexual experiences also has to do with the persons mindset and what they like during sex. If a person does not like the affect caused by the substance, then it obviously will not enhance sexual activities. The substances with check marks to the left are substances that I have tested during coitus for aphrodisiac properties.AlcoholAlcohol is the only depressant that I found to be called an aphrodisiac. Alcohol has a numbing effect if one drinks too much. Alcohol also makes a person loose control of motor skills while intoxicated. To be used as an aphrodisiac, alcohol must be consumed in small portions. Alcohol is not something I would recommend to be used as an aphrodisiac. A glass of wine is fine, but if one...

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