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This Is A Biography Of President Bill Clinton.

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William Jefferson Clinton was born to William Jefferson Blythe and Virginia (Dwire) Blythe Clinton on August 19,1946. Clinton's father, William Jefferson Blythe had died in an automobile accident three months prior to the birth of his son. As a result Clinton's first three years were spent in the house of his grandmother Edith Cassidy. His mother Virginia, who was a lively and fun loving person, was always away from home often due to nursing classes in which she was attending. It was during this time that Clinton's grandmother who was a strong disciplinarian took the opportunity to shape his character.

His mother later married Roger Clinton, a used car dealer in 1951 and they all moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas where Clinton attended the Hot Springs High school. The school Principal Johnnie Mae Mackey became his mentor. Clinton was sent to Washington D.C. to a political convention sponsored by the American legion. It was on this trip that Clinton decided he would make his mother's prediction of him becoming a president a reality.

Clinton graduated from High School in 1964.He continued his education at Georgetown University in Washington D.C, where he major in International Affairs. During his senior year he worked for the U.S. senate of Foreign Relations Committee, where he worked as a clerk. Just before graduating from Georgetown University Clinton won a prize Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University in England. While he was in England his coursework did not allow him to receive a degree.
Upon returning to The United States Of America Clinton attended Yale University Law School in 1970 where he received a law degree in 1973.While attending Yale He met his future wife Hilary Rodham, whom he married in 1975.At the ending of his studies at Yale, Clinton was in charge of the Texas Campaign of the Democratic presidential nominee George Mc Govern. He then worked for a short time as a staff member of the house judiciary committee. And After moving back to Arkansas, Clinton taught constitutional law at The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

The Road the white House

After Clinton graduated from Yale University he taught law at the university of Arkansas and then went on to run for state attorney general. After that he ran for the governor of Arkansas. And finally became the youngest governor both in the nation and in the history of Arkansas. After being elected numerous times this gave Clinton the opportunity for a shot at the Democractic nomination for president in 1992.
Clinton was then nominated to run for the presidency. His campaign staff included aggressive and talented people that were led by James Carville.The campaign staff realized Americans were concern about the economy at the time. So they decided to hang signs at their headquarters in little rock, Arkansas that read, "It's the Economy, Stupid!" They came to realize that the people of America were looking for domestic tranquility and prosperity.
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