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This Is A Concise Essay On The Culture Of Different Ethnic Groups In Nigeria, West Africa. I Hope To Paint A Mosaic Of The Traditions And Activities To Readers.

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Nigeria is very rich in culture. Various ethnic groups in Nigeria have their own culture.The Durbar festival in the various emirates of the North of Nigeria symbolizes strength and dexterous skills in riding of horses. Durbars are called up during religious festivals like Id el' Fitri and Id el Kabir. They are also called up during installation ceremonies of the Emirs. They are also called up during installation ceremonies of the Emirs. The Durbars serve as entertainment for very important visitors. Durbars are also called up during the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammed (Id el Maulud). The horses are colorfully adorned and the horse riders are in procession. The riders are dressed in aristocratic regalia blowing bugles and trumpets accompanied by drumming and dancing. They make displays in riding the horses and come to abrupt halt to salute and pledge loyalty to Emirs.Also in Kano and Katsina, there is the Kalankwa Festival, which usually comes at the end of the harvest season. At the Kalankwa Festival, traditional boxing, wrestling, music and dances of different types are performed.In Benue State the Eje Alekwu Festival is an annual festival celebrated to relate with the ancestral gods of Idoma land. Before the Eje Alekwu masquerades appear, sacrifices are offered to the gods to appease them and appeal for protection for the future. The festival is celebrated by different masquerades to represent various ancestral characters and spirits of the ancestors.The Tiv Day is a national day for the Tiv all over the country. During the festival the people send delegates from ever town to converge at the Tor Tiv's palace for deliberations on developments strategy among the Tiv local government areas. At the same time old and offensive laws are abrogated and new ones made for the people for peace and progress. New traditional titles are conferred on deserving sons and daughters of the land. It is held annually on the 19th of September to coincide with the day the first Tor Tiv was installed in 1946.In Nigeria, boat regattas are part of the socio-cultural life of the riverine people in the Niger Delta. The boats do not have engines but they are rowed manually with traditional paddles by over twenty to fifty people on board depending on the size of the boat. Boat regattas are special festival to celebrate attachment of the people to water, as fishing is their dominant occupation. When there is a bountiful catch and sea yields boat regattas are held that year.In Bonny, River State we have the masquerade group known as Owogbo. Each of the major houses in the Bonny Kingdom has their end of the fishing season locally known as Fungu. The masquerade is the traditional way of paying homage to the sea gods. They carry a carved shellfish. The masquerade is usually brightly colored with locally made fabrics. Both men and women take part in the...

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