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This Is A Gym Summary From The Book Called "Life Fitness".

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Safe and Smart Physical ActivitiesIt is important to be prepared for physical activity. A beginner needs to be medically ready. Anyone should be ready for extreme physical conditions, self assessments, and injuries. One of the most fun and important forms of physical activity is games. You can obtain physical fitness by playing games.Before you start a game or a sport, you should make sure that you are medically cleared. That may mean that you should have a physical. There are some conditions that could stop you from playing certain games. One of these conditions could be a heart murmur. Some heart murmurs are not limiting at all. However, you should get a physical examination before you start. Questionnaires are also used to determine if someone is ready for physical activity.Weather can have an effect on what type of exercise you do and how much. If the weather is hot and humid, your body temperature will rise more quickly than it would in cooler weather. If you are not careful, you may suffer heat exhaustion. You might be able to tell if you have heat exhaustion if your skin is cold and clammy and you have symptoms of shock. Worse, you could be heat stroke which has a high body temperature, dry skin, rapid pulse and maybe unconsciousness. To avoid these things from happening, you should begin gradually and increase with time, drink plenty of water, wear proper clothing like light colors and fabrics that allow air to pass through, rest frequently, and don't exercise in extreme heat. Cold weather can affect you also. You could end up with frost bite which is when skin tissues freeze or hypothermia which is when the body temperature becomes abnormally low. To avoid these things from happening, you should dress properly, avoid getting your clothes wet, and avoid exercising in extremely cold weather. There are other environmental conditions that can affect you, such as pollution and higher altitude. Pollution makes it hard to breathe and people who live in areas of lower altitude will have a hard time breathing in areas of higher altitude.Self assessments are important in determining your readiness to exercise. You can make a fitness profile that will tell you how fit you are. You will learn to make your own assessments as you get older. Also, if you don't learn how to interpret fitness tests, that won't be of any help to you. It is important to do more than one self-assessment before some assessments are better suited to some individuals rather than others. Like beginners would be assessed using a walking test. Another reason to use more than one test is that some may have errors. Using more that one test will give you a choice of activities and if you don't like a certain activity, but that is the only one you have been assessed for, you won't exercise at all. If you learn to do this by yourself, you can enjoy a lifetime of physical fitness.The Prudential FITNESSGRAM is a set of fitness assessments for youth. It is a good one to use to determine...

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