This Is A Summary Of The Article, "Moment To Moment At The Met" By Dennis Littky.

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Kathryn Kurniawka Article Review and reflection Due: March 31, 2007
The article, Moment to Moment at The Met, was written in conjunction by the administrators of Met High School. They discussed and joined their ideas at their weekly meetings into this article. This high school feels that learning is accomplished through the community and takes place all throughout life, it doesn't end when you graduate. This learning is accomplished through integration from advisors, parents and a work place mentor to compose a learning team. The learning team them creates personalized learning plans that incorporate the school's Learning Goals. The Met explains these goals as, "empirical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, communication, social reasoning and personal qualities" (Littky 39). Furthermore, the student's are then measured on their progress through exhibitions and portfolios. This is a way for the learning team to see something concrete that portrays the level of the student. One way that this is accomplished is through the, "same teacher and small group of students throughout the four years of high school," points out the Met (Littky 40). The students see the adults as people that they can turn to and help them with their studies. This makes for an open communication cycle in the school. At the Met High School, the students are even involved in the screening and hiring of new teachers. It is through this method of support from faculty and students that they support and closeness if felt throughout their academic years at school. Nonetheless, the whole point of the Learning Goal is to make for successful students and help to enrich their school...

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