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This Is A Thesis Paper Stating That Mindkind Is Cruel. It Is Full Of Quotes From Grendel By John Gardner. Title: Mankind's Cruelty

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Mankind's CrueltyKids can be so rude yet truthful. Before they have a chance to grow into gentle, compassionate, understanding men and women, children unfortunately, have a naturally rude self. This sense of self comes automatically with life. It is a matter of time before the family and the community molds children to reflect the current way of living. Some parents try and mask what their children have to say. Graduates from high school, even college, still remember some of the rudest things ever directed toward them were said in grade school. In the novel, Grendel, by John Gardner, the so-called monster observes the life of the Anglo-Saxon man. Man, yet who seems to be very developed and aged, lives only to please himself. These very early stages of human existence are self-centered. Unfortunately, natural instincts of man are destructively evil.Man's natural self is evil which has been evident since his existence. He can not control his natural instincts. It is when one is born when evil and corrupt instincts begin. Only when civilization teaches him is when he learns manners and rational thought. Grendel watches how humans act which upsets but also confuses him because of their horrible and evil ways when he says, "They betrayed, one shooting the other from behind for some reason, or stealing the other group's gold, some midnight, or sneaking into bed with the others groups' wives and daughters" (37). Grendel is not used to this behavior, he has never acted like this before. Man's evil is astonishing to him, which it should be. Unfortunately, this behavior is natural which scares Grendel. He now is listening to the men talking, "They talked in something akin to my language, which meant that they were, incredibly, related" (36). Man is speaking to one another and Grendel over hears them. After witnessing the horrible behavior of man, this is upsetting to Grendel. He realizes now that he is part of man because of the language connection. This also connects the nature of man, to the nature of Grendel. Grendel comments again on the nature of man, "No wolf was so vicious to other wolves" (32). Man is related to wolves, animals that already tend to be violent. But not only connecting wolves to man describes the evil of man, it also says that no wolf was so vicious to themselves. Man goes as far as to be evil and vicious to themselves, let alone as vicious as wolves. One would see in all of this as well as Grendel, that the nature of man is evil. Man is evil and vicious, which is bad enough in itself, but to act that way upon himself is corruption and chaos. Because all man speaks a similar language, man is all the same. Not one person can escape the natural existence of evil in man.The evil of man grows with knowledge. The more man knows the more he has advantages over nature, animals, and himself. These advantages have negative effects. Knowledge has to power to control and influence others. Grendel speaks of the difference between animal and...

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