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This Is An Essay That I Submitted For My Online Anthropology Class On Marriage And Serial Monogamy.

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Niya Doncheva

Eric C. Paison

Assignment 2

Anthropology 2 Marriage in the 21st Century USA

People get married for many reasons, some because of love, financial stability or citizenship. Others because of family obligations. I feel that marriage is an old beautiful tradition that no longer relevant in today's America since in US we practice serial monogamy.

Usually young adults in love will get married right out of high school or freshmen year in college not taking into consideration their financial stability, ending in a divorcee as soon as the checking account runs out of money or when the first major fight occurs, becoming part of the statistics of bad marriages. Most likely that marriage would last up to 3-4 moths, passing the honeymoon stage is always the hardest part. That's why people always say that the first year marriage is the hardest.

Sometimes people will get married in order to achieve citizenship to USA. They will usually apply for a K-1 fianc� visa and their fianc� will have to fill out form I-29F. They are petitioning to bring their spouse and or children to the US to complete a permanent residency status. This is all made legal by the LIFE Act and Amendments of 200. It's not a bad idea to start a new life in a new place but the culture shock is major and there comes the fights and divorce is knocking on the door.

In US we practice what we call serial monogamy. Serial monogamy is the practice of having only one sexual partner at a time and then entering another serious relationship as soon as the first one comes to an end. A serious monogamist may have many sexual partners in his life, but only one at a time defining monogamy. The serial part comes into being in a relationship for a certain amount of time approaching that relationship with the thought of "how long will this one last?" and as soon as the spark has disappeared moving on to yet another 3-4 month engagement with the opposite sex. Some serial monogamist are incapable of commitment for a long period of time.

Marriage is another point in the human life cycle, with is one of the most difficult transitions in the cycle. This point is often overlooked because getting married is viewed as a joyful occasion. My parents have been happily married for 20 years yesterday and I underline happily, I have never heard them fight. There are many reasons for marriage 1.Emotional Support 2. Commitment to a permanent relationship 3. Primaries -Coming first with one other person 4. Sexual Exclusivity 5. Procreation and childrearing Religions And Marriage Rituals The ritual associated with getting married varies from society to society, but each has its roots in the traditions and customs of the past. Some rituals may be quite simple; some may involve hundreds of people and feasts lasting for several days. All wedding rituals usually have two things in common: A ceremony held in public with witnesses, and legal requirements that must...

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