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This Writing Is A Fiction Story About A Girl Trying To Get Through Middle School.

2272 words - 9 pages

" Are you blind? That was a foul! She almost took her arm off! Maggie, if she does that again, just use your elbows on her," Coach Sanderson yells.That's my coach...always yelling out commands to us, but really meaning it to the refs."Maggie get over here!" coach yells during the other team's freethrows. Slowly I jog over tho the bench where the rest of my teammates are."Yes coach?""You are looking very sluggish out there. If you don't hook it upand play, you will be sitting right here beside me on the bench. Start doing your job you hear me?"As I nervously walk back to my position, I start to thinkabout being taken out of the game. All the guys from my grade andabove are staring at me (at least that's how I feel), thinking I am not good enough to be starting on the varsity team.My parents are upset because they know I can play better. It means a lot to me to empress fans, boys, and most of all my parents. With all these thoughts flying through my head, I forget I am in the game, but the visiting team's crowd snaps me out of it by cheering for the shot just made by their team. Quickly I run to receive the ball at the baseline.Knowing that no Weatherberry Bears have ever defeated the Eastside High Timber- Wolves, made it even harder for me to concentrate on taking the ball down the court and stalling, so the clockwill run out for us to win 48 to 45. Five...four...three...two...seconds left on the clock, BZZZZ. That's the of end the game. We won, we actually won!After we all had realized what had happened, we told the other team "good game" and then headed down to our lockers. On our way all the guys were leaning over to tell us "good game." As I looked up in the stands hoping to see a certain someone, I was really disappointed because "he" was not there. It was probably for the best. Knowing me I would have messed it all up, thinking I had to be the star of the game and all. Slapping all the fans hands as I go down the stairs. I start to wonder just how bad coach will yell at us. Even though we won the game we still played pretty poorly. To tell the truth, we played like a bunch of guys ; hogging the ball to ourselves, we missed our lay ups, and we missed, more than 50% of our free throws! And that's not us, we at least spend 30 minutes at the end of each practice working on our free throws.I slowly sit down on the cold, hard cemented floor in our locker rooms.BANG!Coach slams the door behind her. She just stares at us with that look in her eyes like she's thinking just how many laps around the gym we will be running the next day at practice. But her frown slowly changes into a sweet smile. I sigh, maybe she wasn't going to yell at us, I thought too soon. Her smile disappeared quickly. "I cant believe you girls. After a week of conditioning and practicing on our offense, we looked like a bunch of boys out there!" Coach yells." Maggie you are our point guard, right?" she asks me. And without being given enough time to answer, I just nod my...

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