Thomas Edison: Fulfillment Of Dreams Essay

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Everyone knows Thomas Edison, the father of electricity; and most think hero at his name. He may have invented many things that either evolved into, or were inherently pinnacles of technology. Thomas Edison was a hero because he gave a perfect picture of the American Dream, he worked hard for what he loved, followed his dreams, and changed the world in the process; he set the example that all people would one day follow. To achieve one’s goal through hard work and dedication, that is what makes him a hero.
Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio 1847. (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition. Dec2013, p1-1. 1p) Edison even from a young age knew what he loved to do and started working to ...view middle of the document...

When Edison was only a young boy he worked tirelessly to finance and to research the different subjects that he did not understand (3-5). Thomas as a child worked selling newspapers on a train that ran through New England. Everywhere it stopped he would go to the local library and learn all he could. Thomas would report back to the train to work in the laboratory that he had in one of the train compartments (6). Thomas Edison was by no means only a simple paper boy. He ran many jobs such as having a vegetable stand and working on the train (6). While he had all these constraints, he was still able to work on his first successful invention, the electric telegraph (8). The electric telegraph was one of the many inventions of his that change the world. All of the work he did as a child paid off, and made him more successful in life as an adult, as well as teaching him a strong foundation that gave him the knowledge and ability to chase his dreams and become one of the greatest men America has ever known.

Thomas Edison was an inventor. Each of his inventions changed technology as we know it in its own special way. When Thomas Edison created the light bulb on July 29, 1887 it revolutionized the lighting industry (Gaines 6). Thomas Edison also invented the stock market ticker which made it much easier for stock market brokers to get information on changing stocks, and keep shareholders informed (Hutchinson Dictionary Of Scientific Biography 3). Thomas changed the way that technology works with his inventions. He made things such as the phonograph, a predecessor to the telephone, another invention that changed humanity forever with extremely efficient transportation of information (Gaines 4). His...

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