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Thomas Jefferson And Monticello Essay

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A person’s house can show you a lot about that person. In my own room you would probably find that I have a big appreciation for books, but don’t you wonder what the inventor and third president’s house showed you what he was like? Thomas Jefferson was a very important man; however, there are many more sides to him than you think.
Initially, the Northeast Portico displays Thomas Jefferson’s deep appreciation for Architecture. Jefferson himself got the idea for this wall from James Gibb’s Book of Architecture. He used the book and designed a wall based on one of his designs. The original blueprint was supposed to be used for an octagonal structure, and Jefferson used it for just one wall. This shows that Jefferson cares for architecture and understands the art, for designing a wall based another design takes care and comprehension. The compass rose he has on the top of the building also shows his love of architecture. The compass itself was connected to a weather vane on top of the roof. Allowing Jefferson and his family to see the wind direction easily. The compass rose must have been a big part in building the home, as the compass involved a weather vane being built on top of the house. Thomas Jefferson must love architecture because a compass rose is not traditional part of most homes, so he must have wanted it there or a reason. He must’ve requested it once he built the home. Thomas Jefferson had a big appreciation for books, and the Northeast Portico in his house demonstrates that.
Furthermore the Entry Hall demonstrates Jefferson’s understanding of History and the Arts. In the Entry Hall, Thomas Jefferson’s Entablature shows how Jefferson comprehends the Arts. Thomas Jefferson used the details from the Corinthian temple of Antonius and Faustina in Rome, when designing his Entablature. He had this design specifically chosen as it was a part of history he wanted to remember. To make sure his orders were completed exactly as he wanted, he drew a full scale model of the design. He must appreciate the Arts and History, for who would draw a full scale model of a temple if they didn’t care for history? Next, his Mandan Buffalo Robe also shows his understanding of history and the arts. Most painted robes were used as traditional clothing and articles of trade for Native Americans. Some of these robes are painted with a scene usually a scene that the person receiving the robe fought in. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark sent a package to Thomas Jefferson filled with seven buffalo robes one that had a painted scene. Putting a piece from a famous expedition shows that he is aware that he must preserve a piece of history so that’s other can look back at this piece of history. Thomas Jefferson understands the History and Arts very much, so his Entry Hall reflects this part of him.
Jefferson’s love of people and games are evident in the parlor room. The Parlor Room was filled with many paintings of important figures and friends of Jefferson’s....

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