Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase Advantages And Disadvantages History 1301 Signature Assignment

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Jasmine Herrera
April 18, 2016
History 1301-01
Signature Assignment: Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase Advantages and Disadvantages
There were many disadvantages to the Louisiana Purchase for president Thomas Jefferson as there were advantages. In his second term of presidency Jefferson made the Purchase of Louisiana, this purchase was done against the Federalist. Jefferson was never a big fan of the Federalist, he thought they had no power other than those listed in the Constitution. Even though Jefferson purchased Louisiana against the Constitution "Jefferson saw no reason to hand the Federalist an issue by dallying over ratification of the treaty to reconcile constitutional issues"(Boyer, Clark, Halttunen, Kett, Salisbury, Sitoff, Woloc. The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People. Boston. Houghton Miffin,2004).
The constitutional problem of the treaty rested in this Article as it talked about including new people into the Union. The problem of including the population of Louisiana into the Union was based on the fact that America, for the first time in its history, included an area that is diversified in terms of language (French), religion (Catholicism) and race (Creoles) in contrast with the Anglo-Saxon-protestant character of the US. Under Article III of the treaty, the population of Louisiana had the “rights, advantages and immunities of citizens of the United
Herrera 2 States.” However, Jefferson did not keep the promise of the Treaty of Louisiana Purchase to treat them like Americans. What is surprising is that Napoleon did not use this pretext to get Louisiana back as it is stated by Thomas Fleming: “no one seemed to give any thought to the way the legislation violated the treaty with France, which had guaranteed the inhabitants all the rights of U.S. citizens ( The Jeffersonian were giving Napoleon a perfect pretext to declare the sale of Louisiana invalid whenever it suited him.” The way the rulers were appointed by Jefferson in Louisiana raised the issue not only of the constitutionality of Article III but also the lack of submission to Article III in the first place. Article III faced two problems: was it constitutional? And was it fulfilled? Eventually, Thomas Jefferson would abide by the provision of Article III when the congress passed an act in March 2, 1805 that would allow the state of Louisiana to have an elective body of 25 members (
The Louisiana Purchase increased the size of the nation, making the United States appear larger to the other nations, this was one advantage. In the purchase of Louisiana, the United States gained control of New Orleans and the Mississippi River. (Fleming, Thomas J. The Louisiana Purchase. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. 2003). This was one very important detail to the nation. In the early 1800's, Spain had temporarily granted the Americans free access to shipping on the Mississippi River. Later on the Spanish's colonial administrator of New...

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