Thomas Model Applied To Sports Enhancement

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IntroductionThe sport of Fitness Modelling is my sport of choice for this assignment. This is a sport that I am most passionate about, having been an active participant within this sporting field for several years.I will be following a female, amateur athlete, who for the sake of this assignment I will name Mandy. Mandy is a happily married mom of two children; ages 12 and 9. She is now 38 years of age and has always been a physically fit and active individual. She is a high achiever and thrives on personal goal attainment and has now set her sights on competing in her first ever Fitness Pageant in September.The goal of this assignment is for me to assess, analyse, interpret and guide Mandy through the next 12 weeks of her training journey. I plan to assist her by assessing her strengths and weaknesses, and then I will design a mental skills training program that will guide her toward enhancing her mental skills, which should lead her to achieve enhanced athletic performance and success.Phase 1- OrientationMy first informal meeting with Mandy was in June of this year. It was at this time that I explained to Mandy the purpose of this assignment and described how my role as a facilitator would be applied to this task.In determining Mandy's personal knowledge, not only to her sport of interest , but to the field of sport psychology, it was very clear that she had never heard of, or had ever been introduced to the field of sport psychology. Her naivety of the field presented me with the perfect platform to introduce her to the importance of psychological skills training (PST) and how the skills learned can lead to enhanced athletic performance. This phase is more commonly known as the educational phase of a PST program- the first of three distinct phases of a PST program.During my description of PST I explained the role of a sport psychologist, the myths, benefits importance and values too. I also explained how psychological skills can be learned and I aimed to ensure that she fully understood the processes involved before she agreed to embark on this journey. It was important for her to realise the value added benefits that our interaction could afford her if she chose to commit to this program.I went on to describe that my objective for the next 12 weeks would be to assess her mental skills, determine her strengths and weaknesses and then teach her appropriate strategies for dealing with the weak skills. I explained that I would design an individualised mental skills training program for her, and if she attended to my instructions accurately I was sure she would make great progress.During our informal discussion Mandy went on to describe her personality traits to me. This part for me was an important step as it was critical that I was able to create subjective impression of her. I paid particular attention to her description of self, and how she perceived herself to be.In her words she described herself as an "over-achiever", "perfectionist" and...

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