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On the first personality test, I scored the highest in section two. Based on the four personality types, my personality is The Cheerful Sanguine, being because I had the highest score in section 2. According to the chart, I am playful, sociable, talkative, lively, and imaginative. This accurately describes my personality. I love to have fun, I love being around and talking with other people, and I have a great imagination. I believe that having fun and living life to the fullest is important, I believe it makes life a lot better. In life you are faced with so many problems every day and I myself has had my own share of problems but being able to enjoy myself, laugh, and talk with family and ...view middle of the document...

I am a very determined person. A few things that I am particularly determined about is God and my spirituality, my family, and music, and these three things sums up the majority of my everyday life. I also feel that being outspoken accurately describes my personality. One thing about me is that I believe in speaking my mind and with the absolute truth. When a person talks with me I speak how I honestly feel and I give complete honesty, because I would want somebody to do the same with me. I read that being a commanding choleric means that I believe in discipline and I believe that’s very true. For example, I strongly believe in discipline when it comes to my children. Not saying that they get whooped all the time, but I discipline them in a manner that they will learn right from wrong and about respect. With this personality type, I believe my strengths are being outspoken and determined. I would say that being adventurous would be a weakness and something that I would like to improve.
On the online test, I tested for having an ESFJ personality. According to my results, ESFJs wants to be of service to others and take their commitments very seriously. I believe this is true for me because I always try to help out others and also, if I make a promise or commitment, I always try my best to make sure I do the very thing I said I would do. The results also stated that ESFJs don’t care about what roles they are in, as long as they get to socialize and feel valued and appreciated. Some of the strengths includes always looking for win-win situations, very loyal, sensitive and warm, knowing how to connect with people, taking their duties very seriously, and good with practical matters. I feel that all of these describe...

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