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A superhero is a person who possesses immense herculean strength and sorcerous abilities. Many superheroes can accomplish this, but there is one that can do this more exceptional than any other! This superhero is extremely important in Norse mythology as he is the God of Thunder. He was gifted with an enchanted hammer which can only be lifted by someone who is worthy enough. The hammer can control elements of storms like lightning, wind and thunder to help him vanquish his enemies. Did you ever question yourself who this amazing superhero could be? This splendid superhero’s name is Thor! Thor is the most supreme superhero of all time because he has super strength, his perceiving ...view middle of the document...

Thor then arrived at the scene and lifted the Serpent and threw it into the ocean. He then thrusts his hammer at the Serpent which cut off the Serpent's head. This serpent weighed over one hundred tons and for Thor to lift this beast he must have been extremely strong. No one else was able to hoist the serpent, proving why he is the most supreme superhero. Not only does Thor have unbelievable superpowers, but he also has an extremely appealing personality.

Do you know what makes a superhero appealing? Is it their costume? Is it their superpowers? Actually, the main thing that makes a superhero attractive is their stunning personality. Thor has such a fascinating personality which makes him such an appealing superhero. His fascinating personality is perceiving. Perceiving people like Thor are flexible and like to keep their options open. They like to act spontaneously and are adaptable to the situation. This makes Thor is appealing to audiences as he can act in the situation instead of hesitating while some superheroes will hesitate and won’t know what to do next. The audience will never know what he would do next, so this would astonish them. Furthermore, it also helps in a fight as if his enemy does something unexpected, he will able to adapt and be able to counter attack that move. He can then do something unexpected to catch his enemy off guard and then defeat them. Something he could do is use unbelievable prop that could help him defeat his enemy. A prop could come in handy when fighting enemies.

A superhero is nothing without a superb prop. Without out a superb prop a superhero would be very dull. However, Thor has the finest prop than anyone else, his enchanted hammer called Mjolnir. Thor did not get his hammer right away, but here is a bit of his past of how he got it. On Thor’s eighth birthday was growing rapidly in power and popularity. Odin (Thor’s father) had the hammer Mjolnir produced for Thor, enchanting it with powerful magic. Odin announced that Mjolnir would be granted to Thor when...

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