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Henry David Thoreau in his 1849 essay, “Civil Disobedience” claims that our top priority is to do the things that we think is right, and our second priority is to do what the government thinks is right. However, I believe this order that Thoreau suggest we follow is very disagreeable, and our political obligations should be prioritized in comparison to the other things we do.
Our modern day political obligations are part of countless examples in which our priority should be to what our government thinks is right, not what we think is right. Noone is ever excited about Jury duty, opening their mailbox one day and finding that their presence in court is mandatory is not exhilarating. Although ...view middle of the document...

One may not believe this is something they wouldn’t want to do and may think of many different things they would rather be doing. As an obligation to their government they have to do this before the other things they want because they owe so much back to the government. This argues against Thoreau’s position proving that one must prioritize the government over what they may think is right.
Likewise, another role one has in the government that one must prioritize over the things that they want to do is their responsibility and obligation to pay taxes. Every American has to pay taxes. These taxes help to fund every aspect of our lives from our roadways, to education, to health care. These taxes help benefit our own lives making this obligation to our government very important. Some may think its right to only support themselves but we have to prioritize the government over what we want because the success in the government leads to the success in our everyday lives. The benefits we receive from keeping our first priority as the government through paying our taxes continues to be a reason to disagree with Thoreau’s belief.
A Literary example against Thoreau’s idea come from the book “The Hunger...

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