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Thoreau's Theory That It Is Best To Hire One Who Loves The Job Opposed To One Who Does Not.

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Henry David Thoreau once expressed his belief and theory that a job should not be about the money. It stated we all need to find a job we enjoy and love to benefit the employer and our society fully. Though Thoreau brought up many good points, his theory is greatly flawed.First of all work is not meant to be fun. A job is usually a time-consuming task that the employer did not want to do or did not have time to do himself. The whole purpose of a job is not only to earn money and provide for yourself and family; it is to do your part in society. A septic tank cleaner probably does not enjoy or want to clean septic tanks. Offer him a good paycheck, and he may change his mind. Work is not about enjoying your job. It is about getting the job done and receiving the benefits from it. A happy and content family should mean more to you than whether you enjoy your job or not, and when you have something to work for, anything can be enjoyable.If everyone went by Thoreau's theory, so much would be left undone. Most likely, people would be fighting over the same jobs and the less popular jobs would be fighting for people. There are going to be jobs that everyone enjoys and jobs that everyone dislikes leaving us an unbalanced society. For example, who has the undying desire to clean septic tanks? There is a great chance no one would desire that job which would cause problems. Thoreau's theory is selfish and causes harm to the society. One should think of others and his...

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