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Despite the three Pulitzer prizes awarded him, Thornton Wilder may very well [have turned] out to be one of the few enduring writers of our time...There have been countless other authors who in his day have been far more 'discussed.' That was inevitable for a man who has neither hastened to follow nor troubled to oppose the current mode, who has gone his own way, and who has clearly never sought the popularity which has periodically been his (Unger 355).The key to his significance is his extraordinary ability to combine his philosophy and ethics with his personal experiences in perhaps one of the greatest paradoxical plays ever written.Thornton Niven Wilder was born in Madison, Wisconsin on the twenty-seventh of April in 1897. His father, Amos Parker Wilder, was a strict Calvinist who combined strong economic interests with politics (Block and Shedd 959) in his work as the editor, owner, and publisher of a newspaper. Isabella Thornton Niven, his mother, was the daughter of a Presbyterian minister. They were to influence their son's works greatly. Wilder also had a sister, Isabel, who was to become a distinguished novelist in her own right.Wilder's early education began in Hong Kong, where his father was serving as American consul general in Shanghai (Goldstone 11). He was then schooled at Berkeley, California; Chefoo, China; and Ojai, California before completing high school back at Berkeley in 1915. He studied the classics at Oberlin College and Yale University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1919 (Unger 356). Wilder spent a year as a resident of the American Academy at Rome, where he began writing The Cabala. Back in the United States he taught French at Lawrenceville High School in New Jersey from 1921-1928 and began doing graduate work at Princeton, where he took his Master of Arts degree in 1926. The Cabala was issued as a novel that year, but was largely ignored by the critics.'Although over-age when America entered World War II, Wilder sought military assignment...and served in Air Force Intelligence in the United States, North Africa and Italy' (Block and Shedd 959). America's involvement in World War II changed Wilder's perspective. 'He had too clear an idea of man's limited possibilities...' (Papajewski 109). Wilder wrote, 'When you're at war you think about a better life; when you're at peace you think about a more comfortable one' (Papajewski 109). Wilder wrote his best works with this very theme while in the service.A mere glance at the titles of Thornton Wilder's writings is enough to establish the wide variety of his accomplishment. Variety there is- '...unlike the work of such contemporaries of his who were content to write the same book over and over under a series of new titles...' (Unger 357) -yet throughout his entire career there can be distinguished the mind and temperament of the author. Whether Wilder takes the reader to ancient Rome, to New Hampshire in modern times, or on a dizzying whirl through the...

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1406 words - 6 pages into the U.S. Army Air Corps for eight months. He then returned to Yale to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1949. While at Yale, he submitted stories to “The Yale Record” and the “Yale Daily News.” He was also record holding varsity swimmer during his final year. At the age of 19, he married Beth Hughes. He was also an editor for the “Holiday” magazine and started writing novels with encouragement from Thornton Wilder, a winner of three

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1539 words - 6 pages someone, but unintentionally loses them. As the novel draws closer to the end, the message becomes clearer to the reader. Thornton Wilder uses the bridge in his novel to symbolize the "bridge" between love and loneliness. The "bridge" of love that "connects one to another gives dignity and purpose to even the lowliest of lives" (pg. 119). One of the victims of the accident was the Marquesa de Montemayor, Doña María. She had an unhappy childhood

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698 words - 3 pages Our Town is a play that takes place near the turn of the century in the small rural town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. The playwright, Thornton Wilder is trying to convey the importance of the little, often unnoticed things in life. Throughout the first two acts he builds a scenario, which allows the third act to show that we as humans often run through life oblivious to what is actually happening. Wilder attempts to show life

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1057 words - 4 pages Drama Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" "When reading Our Town, you are never allowed to think that you are following unique events that could only happen once" Our Town by Thornton Wilder is set in the early twentieth century in the small town of New Hampshire in USA, where nothing much really happens. The people who reside in the town live ordinary lives and the events that occur in the town are common. In fact Our Town could be just about any

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791 words - 3 pages Significance of Repetition in Our Town     Wilder was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1897 to Amos Parker Wilder and Isabella Wilder.  In 1906, Amos Wilder was appointed American Consul General, and his family moved with him to Hong Kong.  Thornton Wilder only lived in Hong Kong for 6 months, moved back to the United States with his mother, and then in 1911 rejoined his father in Shanghai for a year.  Wilder