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In Depth Study Of The Dvd Technology.

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IntroductionDVD or Digital Versatile Disc is an optical disc storage media format, which can be used for Data storage, high quality video and audio. DVDs resemble CDs in terms of physical dimensions being 8 to 12 cm in diameter but information is encoded in a different format and at a higher density. It utilizes a 650nm infrared laser and numerical aperture of 0.6 instead of a 780nm laser and numerical aperture of 0.45, which are used in CDs. This results in a 65% increase in read-out resolution and a 47% increase in overall efficiency when compared to CDs. (DVD Demystified, 2000)DVD (digital versatile disc or digital video disc) technology was announced in 1995 and released in 1996 by a group of computer companies led by IBM to create a single standard format for higher density CDs (compact discs). DVD is an improvement on CDs with its storage capacity of 4.7 gigabytes, the DVD's capacity is much greater than CD's, almost by seven times. (Howstuffwork 2000)Technological development leading to DVDThere are numerous developments of technology that led to the invention of DVD. For years, information was transported via analog signaling. This method had many problems such as degradation and corruption of data from interference and wave superposition. This happened because if an analog signal had information added to it (from interference), then the entire shape of the wave and the data carried by it, would be altered.With the utilization of digital communication and signal transportation, and the invention of the laser has revolutionised visual and aural transmission and storage. This revolution has given way for the development of DVD technology. Furthermore, in the early 1990s, two high-density optical media storage formats were being developed and researched in order to find the successor to the compact disc. They were the Multimedia Compact Disc (MCD) and the Super Density Disc (SD). The major companies, Sony, Phillip and a number of other corporations together developed two modifications to the Super Density Disc, with the second being a new version of "Eight to fourteen modulation". This gave advent to the specification of the DVD, announced in 1995 and was released in 1996. (Howstuffwork 2000, Physics Outlines2002)How DVDs works and its Physical principlesA DVD is made up of several layers of Polycarbonate plastic on top of each of other and totals about 1.2 milimetres thick. After all the layers are made, each one then becomes lacquered with a glossy finish and then are compressed together and cured by infrared light. The surface of the DVD is covered by a single continuous spiral track that starts off near the centre of the disc and works it way outwards. The surface consists of higher and lower regions known as "pits" and "bumps" which are microscopic in size. The pits and bumps are coated with reflective material. Over the layer of pits and bumps, a...

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