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The profile subject is Sojourner Truth. She was born named Isabella in the year 1797 and was sold into slavery but later freed in the year 1826. She went to New York in 1828 as a member of the group of the first former slaves who were freed under New York state’s gradual emancipation law of 1827 (Goldner 41). She became a housekeeper and later got involved with women’s rights by drawing political cartoons. She made fun of high class and low class people to bring awareness to the issues of the day – such as inequality for women and then the minorities.
This person is effective because she was a working class woman who appealed to the masses for women’s rights in her time. She wrote racial dark comedy (called “satire”) to help her audiences understand her point about rights for all people (most of her audiences could not formally read). She later changed her name to Sojourner Truth as she was interested in spreading the truth about race relations and used her words to bring awareness to the problems of her time.
There were many people at the political and religious rallies where Sojourner Truth spoke who did not want the slaves to be freed. She was able to stand up to people who wanted slavery to continue and showed that she was worthy of belonging in a world of free people just like anyone else. Her public speaking events were like performances of a play. She used to plan out exactly what she would say – and how she would deliver her punch lines to make the most of her important points. She did not care if a person stood up to challenge her, she explained the truth of freedom for everyone to all people, and was a positive influence for all ex-slaves.
This person should be included in the curriculum of all secondary schools and the school board should accept this new curriculum because she is an excellent example of someone who overcame adversity to become a well-respected member of society (even as an ex-slave). Sojourner Truth had charisma because she spoke very well for herself at political and religious events and found a way to make her audiences laugh to make her point and to get them to focus on the message she was delivering. She used comedy in her speeches almost like a comedy routine, and she had a charismatic and humble way to get the entire audience laughing at her. She used to...

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