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Those Who Don’t Believe In Magic Will Never Find It

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Like many great books and stories, there is a plot, characters, theme, irony, and every other literary term one was taught in high school English class. The placement and choosing of such things, however, is what separates good books from bad ones. Without theme, characterization, diction, and the many other parts that make up a book, there would be no feel for the story and certainly no excitement to carry on with the reading. Roald Dahl included all of the above, which brought his children’s stories to life. Through characterization and conflict, Roald Dahl provides the reader with a feel for the characters and enthusiasm to read.
Roald Dahl, born in Llandaff, Wales on September 13th, 1916, was the son of Harald and Sofie Dahl. From the beginning of his life Roald had bad luck, with the death of his father, and his oldest sister, Astri, when he was just three. His mom was then left to raise six children. Dahl’s mother, however, became an inspiration and a role model for him, to which he based the grandmother in his children’s story, The Witches on his mom (Roald Dahl Biography "Childhood"). Dahl’s schooling took place at St. Peter’s prep school in Weston-Super-Mare, UK. School was not one of Dahl’s favorite things to do, but it served as a purpose for him to find some of the characters in his children’s book, such as “Ms. Trunchball” from Matilda. After St. Peter’s, Dahl completed his schooling at Repton at the age of fourteen.
After finishing school here, Roald went on to something bigger and better, The Public Schools Exploring Society, who journeyed to Newfoundland. He then started to work for Shell as a salesman in Dar es Salaam. (Roald Dahl Biography "War & Adventure") Roald Dahl’s writing career began when a friend of his asked for him to write an article for the Saturday Evening Post. After doing so, his niche for writing came about. In 1943, Dahl published his first book, The Gremlins, which was then adopted by Walt Disney and turned into a script, and movie-idea. He had two wives in his life; Patricia Neal first, and then later Felicity Crosland. He had a total of five children, all of whom were mothered by Patricia. In 1990, Dahl developed a rare blood disorder myelodysplastic anemia (Roald Dahl Biography "The Story Continues”). November 23rd, 1990, Roald Dahl passed away at the age of 74. Though his physical being no longer is a part of this world, his spirit and livelihood in his children’s stories, are still fully with us. His books are still as popular as when they first came out.
One of Roald Dahl’s most famous books is Matilda, the story of the four-year old girl who defeats her parents, teacher, and everyone else against her. With fate and magical powers on her side, she gives the people who treat her dreadfully what they deserve. Matilda was born a genius and developed the power of being able to move things with one’s mind, telekinesis. In this book, there is conflict and a brilliant choice of characters. In Matilda,...

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