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Those Who Run Never Learn Essay

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There comes a point in time during a person’s life when one must make difficult decisions, often the consequences from those decisions ultimately define the person. The consequences from making both big and small decisions vary; however the actions a person makes after that decision often determine whether they change their direction or continue on their current path. Human nature tends to allow people to take the easy way out, to protect their own pride, social standing, and various other reasons, but taking the easy way out is not the best way to resolve difficult decisions. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the consequences of Amir’s handling of the various challenging decisions and ...view middle of the document...

Instead of behaving like an adult Amir takes a childish approach, hoping he can ease his own guilt of not helping Hassan, and calling him “nothing but a goddamn coward” (Hosseini 92) when in actuality Amir is really the coward as a result of his inaction. This attempt to ease his own mind did not give Amir the satisfaction of reconciliation, the easing of his own conscience that he so desperately seeks. Amir’s final attempt to free himself from his guilt was to frame Hassan for stealing money and the watch Baba gave him. After the deed was done, Hassan admits to stealing the objects, and to Amir’s astonishment, Baba forgives him. Amir’s plan to avoid facing his reality fails him again, despite knowing the one thing that Baba views as the worst sin and using it to strike down Hassan, so Amir would be at peace.
Additionally, Amir is too reliant on other people to help aid him in a time of need, while not standing up for the people that he claims to care about the most. Amir relies on Hassan to help save him from what was going to be a horrible beat down from Assef. Amir could barely move from the fear of getting hurt, but when Hassan threatens Assef with his sling shot calling him “One eyed Assef”, Amir lives to see another day (Hosseini 41-42). As for not standing up for others, Amir demonstrates this action on the day of kite fighting tournament. Amir has the opportunity to save Hassan, the same way Hassan saved him, from Assef, but in the end he runs away in fear of what Assef might do to him. To keep himself from having the guilt of abandoning a friend, Amir believes that Hassan’s situation was that of a “sacrificial lamb” for Amir (Hosseini 76). Furthermore, Amir relies on Rahim Khan to find Sohrab, since Rahim Khan knows more about Afghanistan’s current condition and where to look among the possible cities. The departure of Rahim Khan surprises Amir, leaving Amir to venture out on his own to find Sohrab.
Moreover, Amir is easily fearful of the violence that he sees in the world. The first time Amir observes death is at a buzkashi match; where one of the riders falls of his mount and the hooves of the other riders’ horses end up trampling him. Amir with no prior experience of a man barely hanging...

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