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Those Who Slay Together Stay Together

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Leo pulls out his machete from his backpack grips it firmly in his right hand. Five dogs circle the warehouse waiting anxiously for the right opportunity to pounce on the two strangers. Leo makes his way to the warehouse and takes cover behind a dumpster. The stranger in the lab-coat points his magnum towards the pack of dogs keeping them wary of any frontal assault. Leo watches momentarily in shock as the dogs were working as a team. Amber's rifle fired and another dog falls victim to her sniping. The dogs growl and scatter attempting to avoid Amber's line of vision.

"Alright this is my chance." Leo thinks to himself as he runs to the back of the crashed truck.

"Look out Mr.!" The little girl yelled to Leo

As Leo begins to climb up the truck a dog leaps from the other side catching Leo by surprise. Leo's eyes dilate and his reflexes kick in. He manages to put his machete in front of him catching the dog's teeth. The force of the dogs lunge sends the dog and Leo falling off the truck . Leo lets out a gasp as he hits the cement forcefully but maintains control of his machete. His adrenaline soars, his muscles tighten and his heart begins to race as he stares at the beast on top of him.

The dogs breath was putrid and saliva dripped from the beasts foul mouth. Its skin had patches of fur and visible muscle tissue. Leo stares at the dogs crimson eyes as he wrestles to gain leverage and avoid getting scratched. Leo uses his legs and grabs hold of the best stabilizing it long enough for Leo to roll it over. Leo places his left foot on the beasts stomach and uses his other leg to drive his machete through the beasts mouth. Leo moved his head as blood sprayed from the dogs split in two cranium.

Before Leo can gather himself another dog begins to rush him unknowingly. Amber notices it in the distance and yet again her precision accuracy takes down another beast. Its head splatters and leaves blood all over the truck. Leo breathing intensely throws a thumbs up in approval towards Amber direction as he climbs up on the truck.

"Shit I am getting to old for this!" Leo thinks to himself as he makes his way on the roof of the warehouse.

Leo grabs his machete firmly and begins a mad dash towards the two strangers. They both look at him eyes in awe there bodies frozen.

"MOVE!" Leo yells

The Asian Man grabs the little girl and Leo swings forcefully at a dog that was seconds away from biting the girl's head off. Leo's Machete slams viciously into the dogs skull making it difficult for Leo to pull it out. Amber's rifle yet again fires...

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