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Though They Focus On The Harsh Realities Of Life, These Poems By Shakespeare Express A Mood That Is Both Confident And Strong

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Shakespeare uses images of natures bad points in contrast to mankind's good points to emphasize how "˜beautiful' people can be. By evoking images of storms and baking hot sunshine as he does in Sonnets 65 & 18, he shows just how cruel nature can be. These are the harsh realities of life but we choose to forget them when we think of a beautiful summer's day. He, however, chooses to compare these destructive effects of nature to his friend's own nature. By doing this he makes his friend out to be "˜more lovely and more temperate' than a summer's day.In Sonnet 18 [Shall I compare thee to a summer's day"¦] Shakespeare uses the image of a beautiful summer's day to set the mood. He then goes on to state all of the ways in which such a summer's day can be destructive "" "˜Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May' "" "˜Every fair from fair sometime declines'. He lowers summer's value by stating that it doesn't last forever "" "˜summer's lease has all too short a date', but raises his friend above summer by saying that his beauty will never fade. He does this through the belief that this poem about his friend will live "˜as long as men can breathe or eyes can see' and that will "˜give life to thee [his friend]'.He uses the image of a storm battering beauty in Sonnet 65 [Since brass, nor stone"¦]. He poses the question that if Time can destroy even the toughest things on earth (brass, stone, steel), how can beauty and life ever stand a chance? He likens his friend to being "˜no stronger than a flower' in the "˜wrackful siege of battering days'. He is also racking his brain in an attempt to find a way to preserve "˜beauty' (beauty is his friend), he asks what power on earth is strong enough to "˜hold [Time's] swift foot back' and finally comes to the conclusion that "˜in black ink' his friends beauty "˜may still shine bright'.Shakespeare also writes about arguably the harshest...

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