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“Western parents are some wimps and mollycoddlers, and their children spend too much time playing and being on the computer and the result of this is weakness. They can learn from the Asian "tiger mothers,"” writes a tiger mother who wrote one of the most controversial book in the United States. The tiger mother Chua's book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” has immediately become a bestseller. In the book Chua writes that Chinese children compared to American children tend to be more successful because they have “tiger mothers”, while American children have 'kitty-cat' or even worse. Amy Chua is a Chinese-American professor at Yale University and in the book she also accuses American parents to be some slackers, and she explains why 'tiger parents' - Asian parents - is so superior.

Chua’s daughters, Sophia and Louisa, has never been allowed to watch television, play video games, sleep with their friends or take part in theatrical performances at their school. Every day they had to spend hours practicing the piano or violin and it was expected of them that they should be the very best in every subject except physical education and drama.

According to Chua, Chinese mothers think that when their children have passed the toddler age, they clearly have to know what will happen if they do not live up to their parents expectations. “Chinese mothers allow themselves to make demands and to have expectations of their children in a lot larger scale than American parents” claims Chua.

In most American families parenting is a lot different than Chinese and Asian parenting. Here parents try to respect their children's individuality, encouraging them to pursue their passions, support their choices, offer positive support and a stimulating environment and truly want them to be happy. According to Chua tiger mothers also value happiness, but they also want what is best for their children, which for tiger mothers is success.

Tiger mother dare to demand high grades of their children, while American parents only ask their kids to do their best. Chinese parents can say, "You're lazy. All your classmates are about to outdo you." Again we see American parents struggle with their own conflicting emotions, when it comes to the value of achievement, and they try to convince themselves that they are not disappointed with what their children have achieved. And when it comes to...

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