Thoughts After Watching "The Star" (Zvezda)

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Isn't it always great when in apocalyptic movies and when perhaps ninety-nine out of a hundred people die, the survivors are always portrayed with an immense hope of building a greater and better world? We see the somehow-knows-how-to-fly-a-jet president of the united states standing on the podium delivering some supposed-to-be-spirit-lifting speech at the end of ID4 in front of the nearly destroyed white house. We also see at the end of another blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow that the disruption of the old world order seems to have promised an thrilling future where the snobbish U.S. government is totally at mercy of the countries that are labeled "the third world'. (The scene that sees hundreds and thousands of U.S. refugees trying to flee their land of freedom and venture down south to Mexico has been most entertaining)But what is it like when basically half, no, nine-tenths of the world is destroyed and you suddenly realized… guess what, now you gotta rebuild the world! So, you're facing a server lack of food, no electricity, no tap water, no nice shower in the morning after a night of crazy partying, no laptops and frappucino with whipped cream on top and basically, no life! And still you have to rebuild the world. This is not all. There would probably be tons of looters and self-appointed gangs who'd kill for a better chance to survive. Yes, welcome to the jungle. Imagine you were someone who survived the terminator's Judgment Day caused by Skynet, or that you lived on a weird flying shuttle constantly chased and assaulted by some weird gigantic electronic squid. Don't you just wish that you had died along with the others or perhaps that the world had...

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