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Thoughts And Feelings Of Mr Dacy And Elizabeth After Receiving The Letter Of Proposal

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Dear DiaryAll my life I have been waiting for my prince, my soul-mate. Of all people I didn't expect Mr. Darcy. The only way I can see things in a clearer light and begin to put this whole commotion in order is to write here, in my diary.I have never allowed myself to look at Mr. Darcy in any other way than a gentleman. At our first encounter Mr. Darcy called me, 'tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt him.' To that day I have on no circumstance wanted to be particularly friendly with him, least of all his bride. I found him aloof, unsympathetic and much too proud when we first met. He's gradually beginning to change, I do admit, but not enough to make a future out of.I may have been ...view middle of the document...

Now I think about it there was more tenderness in his voice than pride.I began to feel sorry for the pain I was about to cause, but this was overcome and I lost all sense of compassion in anger. The way in which he spoke showed he had no doubts that I was about to decline his proposal. He did express some real security in his little speech, but this marriage was certainly not for me.I felt it was my obligation for the sentiments to be avowed in whichever way I was about to return them. I could not feel gratitude as I have no desire for Mr. Darcy. He seemed to be listening intensely to my every word with less resentment than surprise. My feelings were more dreadful than ever.Mr. Darcy asked me why I rejected his offer, he did have the right to know and he was entitled to really. I expressed myself and my feelings to him and really made them quite clear. I even told him I wouldn't have accepted him still even If I was favourable towards him. Not after his means of ruining the happiness of my beloved sister. I have every reason to think ill of Mr. Darcy.I just described every part of my emotions; everything was perhaps in a little too much detail. Mr. Darcy was just making me so angry; I was like a volcano ready to erupt. I told him I wouldn't have accepted his proposal under any circumstance. I was rappelled even more by his obligations, he was the last man on earth I wanted to marry.After he left my mind was painfully great. I was and still am completely astonished that Mr. Darcy is in love with me, Elizabeth Bennet, for some time now too! So much so he wanted us to marry! It' is simply beyond belief what life brings.LoveElizabethTo My Beloved Sister,The woman whom at first I was too proud to show my feelings to rejected my proposal tonight. All this time I have been plucking up the courage to propose to Elizabeth and in return I got nothing but a mouthful of cruel words. Despite this, Elizabeth is interesting and attractive. I have never been so bewitched by any woman as I am by her.Elizabeth's accusations were the only ones that seemed to matter, I changed myself for the woman I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. This obviously wasn't pleasing enough for her. I have learnt within myself to control my pride and respond to people in a more appropriate manner, I rather hoped this would impress Elizabeth, even if it was only slightly. I couldn't have been more wrong.Tonight, I could not hold my love aside any longer for Elizabeth. It was the perfect opportunity to ask for her hand in marriage when she and her family were joining us at the Rosing's. To my utter disappoint she did not show. I thought it completely necessary to go round to...

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