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Emotions In Disguise Essay

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Music reveals emotions through rhythm and lyrics that conveys different meanings all according to perspective. They are used to express sorrow, happiness, sadness, and every other emotion. Music is a universal form of communication that unites us all and gives us a mutual foundation. Through the brilliance of music one acquires hope, prosperity, but most importantly the potency to make you feel better about life.
“Keep your Head up” by Andy Grammer is a song that promotes the ability to omit small things that make one’s life miserable. The songs purpose is to promote happiness and alleviate stress. “The glow that the sun gives Right around the sunset/Helps me realize this is just a journey drop your worries you are going to turn out fine”(Grammer, 13-14) making the sun’s rays symbolic of a new beginning is evident to the euphoric mood. The second line where he mentions that life is a journey conveys a limited time and desire to accomplish our goals and practice our passion. This song manifest’s a strong source of hope after the unexpected occurs and exposes the true beauty of simply being alive. “My life and the purpose is it all worth it/am I gonna turn out fine/fine oh you’ll turn out fine” (Grammer, 30-31) displays the decision making aspect that affect ones way of living and future altogether. Along with these decisions comes a big risk factor that makes your conscious wonder if your input is worth your outcome. Sometimes we let fear decide on the settlement which can lead to regret. There was a time where I had to make a crucial decision that would affect my future; it was the decision between retaking a class via online or just ignoring the fact. The counselor at the school would insist for me to take the online course and used college acceptance as an excuse. The price on the online class was high, but I was willing to enroll if it meant attending a college. After thoroughly thinking about the circumstance one night, the next morning I went into her office and denied her offer. As of today I have been accepted to the school of my dreams that at one point seemed unattainable. But like the song I turned out fine.
“Wake Me Up” by...

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