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Assisted reproduction is the use of assisted reproductive technology to achieve pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means. The results and the implication of these different techniques and technologies in the society raises questions on the morality of these acts. Are these acts always right or wrong? Are they only right for certain groups of people? Are they morally correct? Those are the kind of questions that many people have on their mind, but the plurality of arguments makes it difficult to find clear cut answers. An analysis of different arguments by bioethicists might lead us to a better understanding of the issue.
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In contrast, others like Gregory E. Pence, Susan Dodds and Karen Jones argue against assisted reproduction. Indeed, Dodds and Jones in their essay are giving a response to the arguments of Purdy. They believe that focusing on what is necessary wrong like Purdy did, is taking the risk of being “falsely” reassured as the permissibility of surrogacy in the world (100). Also they think that Purdy overlooks the way practice of contracted pregnancy might affect attitude of women as a group (101). They consider Purdy’s discussion on the possible harms of surrogacy to be too narrow because she only considers physical risks (101). Foe them, surrogacy today is more about “enabling men to have children genetically related to themselves than it is about women agreeing to transfer burdens or risks” (102).
Pence on his side, is analyzing the case of the “McCaughey Septuplets” and believes that people should not run the risk of having severely disabled kids and say that it is God’s will (88). He thinks that people taking fertility drugs should be willing to reduce embryos for the good of the children born (88). He does not find correct to make people like the McCaughey heroes, while women using cocaine while being pregnant could be prosecuted because of the harm on the fetus.
Another argument is the one by Parfit. He believes the idea that it would be wrong to use certain kinds of artificial fertilization, believing that...

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