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Thoughts On Same Sex Marriages Essay

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As a predominately conservative nation, it is ideal that we as a group do not redefine the term marriage under the Constitution of the United States. It is not a question of equality, simply because men and woman will never be equivalent—both parties have different complex qualities from their hormones, genitals, brain functioning, and to their overall genetic make-up. Homosexuality holds about 5% of the population, meaning that the majority would be forced to conform to the minority. It is imperative that we recognize the consequences of gay marriage which include: health risks, redefining sexual morality, reduction of the population, many being affected spiritually, and forcing the ...view middle of the document...

However, Blacks were only based on their outer appearance, which is unreasonable.
Another factor that many consider is that civil marriage and religious marriage are considered separate—one being a bond between law and one is a bond between God. However, we should not see these as separate marriages because civil marriage is what we define in America because this nation “trusts in God”. We cannot separate these because society does not recognize these differences (Prager). We cannot all be treated equally because we are not all the same, because a woman holds specific characteristics and a man holds complimentary characteristics to that woman. “It is better for children, as they need a mother and a father. And it is better for the individual -- a woman makes a man a better person; and a man does the same for a woman. Advocating heterosexuality as society's ideal no more implies bigotry or "homophobia" than advocating marriage implies bigotry against singles or "single-phobia. The gay movement's constant linking of gay equality with equality for the trans-gender undermines its moral credibility and feeds the belief that the movement seeks to undermine Judeo-Christian and Western liberal society” (Prager).
The argument against conservative views of marriage is that they are “hurting families”. The institution of America is based on a straight society because we are “under God”, and that is what this country was founded upon. Therefore, the majority is straight. A democracy is defined as majority over minority. Because of this fact, we would be appeasing the minority at the risk of impairing the sexual morals and spirituality of the majority; does that seem fair in any way? We can give rights to homosexual individuals without redefining our principles relating to marriage and keep everyone’s rights fair. “Gay marriage serves no purpose other than to cater to the demented lust of two sexually disoriented individuals who have no respect for natural law, no regards for societal norms and morality and have no human sense of what is right and wrong. Gays already have and can even have more benefit under their civil union. There's no sense for gays to force themselves in the same social status of marriage which they don't respect for its sanctity and propriety. For gays marriage is just a...

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