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Thoughts On The Gift Essay

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The short story The Gift has many layers with in itself on different topics.  The topics of discrimination, feminism, friendship, tradition, and power all can be seen in this story. Many literary devices can be seen in the story also.  Such as: theme, metaphor, tone and symbol. This story unlike most as that I couldn't predict what was going to happen that made the girls leave the school.  Just as it says in the beginning paragraph "No one expected Merceditas Cáceres, on the day Carlotta Rodriguez was expelled from the Sacred Heart, to hang her silk sash from the doorknob, drop her medal of the Congregation of the Angels in the alms box, and walk out through the schools' portico arm in arm with her friend, head held high and without deigning once to look back, with that gesture of paramount disdain so commonplace in those of her social class." (Ferré)  Just like no one in the story would have expected the main characters to do this, during the story I could not figure out why they would have done it.
This story is about the friendship of too girls from very different families. Carlotta is a darker skinned girl whose family is "new money".  She wants to go to Scared Heart Academy for her high school education.  Scared Heart does not let in girls of her skin tone. The school has been financially struggling and Carlotta's father donates money to the school, which in turn get her accepted in to the school.  Since she is new money she was not "locked up" in her home her whole life. She knows the town and tells her friend Merceditas all about the way things are there.  The other girl, Merceditas come from a very wealthy family who has been this way for generations.  They do not go into the town or associate with anything there.  This bring the two girls closer because Carlotta tells Merceditas all about how things are in town.  She tells her about the way the hills look and the town works, and every little detail and this brings such pleasure to Merceditas.  Since Merceditas did not go out into the town she had no friends and Carlotta was perfect for her.  Unlike Carlotta, Merceditas has an important family name and easily gets into Scared Heart.  
I felt that feminism was evident in The Gift rather strongly.  One paragraph about the head nun, Mother Artigas, showed how much of a feminist the author most likely was.  "She had had an extensive education and had acquired more than one doctoral degree at foreign universities. She believed that women had an undeniable right to knowledge, having been unjustly barred from it by men for centuries, and the only obstacle that for a while had made her hesitate on her decision to enter the convent had been the clergy's traditional feminization of ignorance. She herself had at one time wanted to become a writer and had played with the idea of challenging the social and literary conventions...

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