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Thouts On Teen Magazine. Essay

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Lately I have been reading the teen magazinesYM and Seventeenand I've noticed one thing; they really annoy me. I feel like they arejust for preps and the trendoid freaks. Well what about the other groups?The gangsters, punks, skaters, bikers, or whatever. They should reallygive recognition to the other people in our society. Maybe they want justthe good teenagers around. They are not going to get what they want.Maybe they think if they print stuff up all about preps and trends everyonewill follow. Well they should guess again.I for one, will not follow any of that shit they say. They givesome of the most whacked advice for things. Take romance, I've tried tofollow the advice, but my outcome has not been successful. I know otherpeople who have tried, and their outcome has been the same. Take theirquizzes, then tell me that you do all that stuff. If you know me, thentell me how often I wear bellbottom pants, or platform shoes, or pinkmake-up, or little shirts that fit me. For those of you who don't know me,I can tell you right now, I wouldn't be caught dead in that stuff.That takes me to the clothes the models sport. How many girls inthis society are actually that skinny? It's actually kind of sick. Ithink they should widen their models to all sizes and shapes. What? Justbecause a girl who is not amazingly skinny for a model, the company won'tsell anything? Well I can't exactly describe the clothes they wear, but Ihave never run across a person wearing the same thing. But in Seventeenthey have a section called "School Zone" and they go around differentschools and take pictures of the students. I can understand the way theydress and they do show different looks.Both magazines put out information about bands, but I don't listento those bands. As a matter of fact, I hate those bands. They arealternative bands, and coming from me, they just suck. Well I will...

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