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Thr Following Essay Describes The Quality Of Humanities Education In America And Offers Advice For Change. Great For Anyone Who Wants Ideas About "What Constitutes Good Pedagogy."

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As I creep ever closer to the terminus of the undergraduate program in English education, feelings of felicity abound in the depths of my soul as I contemplate the opportunities that I will have to positively impact myriad young lives, helping them to grow as thinkers, writers, interpersonal communicators, readers, and as people as they prepare to enter a workforce and a society that demands multi-faceted talents and multi-dimensional abilities to communicate with an increasingly pluralistic American public. While the task does seem a bit daunting, it is a challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace and think about frequently.One of the primary reasons that I desire to teach, perhaps paradoxically, is to make changes in an academic construct that I despise. It is an environment that, all too frequently, does not encourage inferential, divergent, and critical thinking, and panders to a radical egalitarian, hedonistic society that eschews lucubration in favor of constant entertainment. Students are only encouraged to think literally about objective facts. An abundance of true/false and multiple- choice tests are an indication of how low expectations are. Students must only be able to recognize what "looks right" from their readings, or perhaps only have to memorize information that their instructors dictate to them. Students are rarely forced to "reconstruct" information, such as on essay tests or in actual writing, and their minds turn to jelly because they are not held accountable for problem solving but only recapitulating information that is shoved down their throats - the quintessential representation of affectation - pseudo-scholarship. In addition to lack of rigor in the curriculum, grades are oftentimes inflated, making academics doubly impossible - a monster, sort of like Frankenstein. Well, I think it is entirely unacceptable. Students must understand that the world is an unforgiving place and that they must take academics seriously. However, it will take more than just a groundless declaration to make these kids, who so often lack encouragement and motivation, to take academics seriously. Many do not KNOW how to love learning; they cannot see how it will benefit them in the long run; children are truly myopic. They also do not have the TOOLS to think beyond the literal, to find problems, to analyze them, to put them back together, and to develop solutions. I want not only to be a disseminator of knowledge, but a tour guide who shows them different ideologies and methodologies for learning so that they can manipulate myriad forms of information across the curriculum to become the most well-rounded people they can be.Critical theory is a wonderful conduit for students to make that transition from uncertain, embryonic individuals, to savoir-faire, responsible thinkers who can understand the world, the problems in the world, and the many ways that they can work to change the world - a world that is not stable and axiomatic, entirely out of their...

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