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Threads, Quanta, And Technostuff: Theory Of Loop Quantum Gravity

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Threads, Quanta, and Technostuff

The Theory of Loop Quantum Gravity is the lone, valid competition for the Superstring Theory. This theory quantifies Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by breaking down spacetime into sections called quanta at the Plank Scale. The Plank Scale, named after Max Plank, is the absolute most minuscule, microscopic measurement in the fabric of spacetime that physicists can only dream to observe. At this level, the very large and very small collide in what is known as quantum gravity. Quanta, when woven together, are predicted to form one smooth fabric of space. This fabric, interlaced into braids or threads, would resemble known particles. The braids would not ...view middle of the document...

Particle physicists are exploring the idea that quarks may not be fundamental particles. They may be comprised of technoquarks that would be held together by a technoforce, a previously unknown force of nature. The arrangement of these technoquarks would determine what type of boson would be created. They could be the God Particle’s little helpers. And scientists say that people of faith have over-active imaginations.

The Particle Called God

Some scientists have gone to great lengths to prove that a God was not necessary in the creation of the universe and life. Scientific minds find it difficult to relate to a human-like entity living in the sky; that is understandable. However, with the assistance of their giant, atom smasher, researchers are making every effort to determine who or what turned on the lights. The remarkable machine, located several hundred feet below ground in Switzerland, is called the Hadron Collider. One object of the testing is to discover an invisible, sub-atomic fleck of energy that is responsible for giving mass to all matter in the universe, along with having an effect on every particle that exists in nature. During experiments, beams of sub-atomic particles are forced to collide at enormous speeds. The result is a mass of particles that can be identified and documented. The discovery of this enigmatic particle would complete the Standard Model of Physics, which is defined as the sum total of all fundamental matter particles and force-carrying particles found in nature.
A few definitions follow that may help. Bosons are force-carrying particles. Gravitons (gravity-carrying particles), photons (electromagnetic force-carrying particles), and gluons (strong force that binds quarks together) are bosons. Fermions are matter particles. Quarks (fundamental matter particles), electrons (matter particles with a negative charge), protons (matter particles with a positive charge), and neutrons (matter particles...

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