Danger Of Breast Reduction Essay

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In recent years, breast reduction has been into play. Women has been going for the surgery to get there breast reduction because of many problems. The problems could be from: Back pains, the breast hung too low, Breast remove several pounds, and the breast are uncomfortable, or women want just be a smaller size so they can have a perfect fit for a sport bra. There are some complications to the surgery and there are some they actually come out fine. This review will discuss the dangers of breast reduction for example:
• Mental effects
• Psychological effects
• Physical Complications
Before, you get the breast reduction you should talk to your doctor about any other physical health about you have in the past so the doctor or surgeon to decide if the treatment is appropriate. Also, listen and ask question if you have any considered about the surgery and the complications. Let the doctor know of any medications that you are taking so they know the proper anesthetic that is used.
Mental effects of breast reduction
There are various symptoms of mental effects from breast reduction. Breast reduction is a very serious procedure and sometimes the surgery could fail causing depression, low self-esteem, feelings of unattractiveness. Some woman is uncomfortable with the breast they have and become obsessed allowing mental control of the body to subjugate.

Psychological effects of breast reduction
Woman with large breast has all the problems of aching shoulders, the tired back, the strained neck. Big breast create a lot of pain and pressure on the upper body. The body is like your temple and some woman just want that extra weight off there body.

Why do woman get breast reduction? Woman has the right to change anything on their body. But from doctors on www.webmd.com also explains that woman have to be very sure that this is what I really want to do. First, I will like to talk about the risks of breast reduction and what it can cause after the surgery. Of course, you will have a little scarring after the surgery. You will also have the uneven shape; wound healing problems, Loss of nipple sensation, Inability of breastfeed, and Hematoma. neven shape can be cause once the breast is healed and it may end up the nipple will position itself in a different area.
Scarring will occur around the nipple, have a crease below and around the nipple. You may have some problems of healing after the surgery is very common. Some of the wound complications is minor and should always be managed and treated. But if you have the more severe wound complications, such as infection, loss of skin and your wound separation, it is going to take more time to heal. The doctor will always tell you to never lift anything that is more than 5 pounds. Because you will cause your wounds to separation and your stiches will tear apart. In the event you will may also experiences of having the loss of nipple sensation. Sometimes the doctor has to remove your nipple to do the breast...

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