Threatening Issues Essay

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PA 4-If Not You Then Who?
The semester has been filled with learning about oneself and others. Time and much thought has been expended looking at our world from a number of perspectives. Discussions have yielded many different ideas about issues and topics that affect us directly or indirectly.
Using what you have learned from your reading and other sources of information, consider the following list of issues.
1. Look at each of the items on the following list of topics and issues. Consider each carefully.
List of Serious or Threatening Issues
o Binge Drinking
o Drug Addiction (including alcoholism)
o Teen-age Pregnancy
o Crime
o Religious Extremism
o Scientific Research Funding
o Media Bias
o Racial Prejudice
o Care of Our Elderly
o End-of-Life Issues
o Excessive Corporate Executive Salaries and/or Bonuses
o Public Education
o Poverty
o Unemployment
o Abortion
o Morality
o Mental Health
o Child Care
o Pollution
o Nuclear Proliferation
o Overpopulation
o Environmental Degradation
o Housing
o Marriage and Divorce
o Health Care
o Religious Intolerance
o Gender Prejudice
o Terrorism
o Secularism
o Gay/lesbian issues
o Technology

2. Select and write down three issues from the list that you consider the most serious or threatening facing this country or facing the world today and the reasons behind your selections. Use no more than three sentences to explain the reasons for each issue, but be sure to provide reasons for each.
1) Poverty
The United Nations refers to poverty as, “…the inability of getting choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity.” I believe this sentence does a lot to give insight as to why 1/3 of all deaths are due to poverty related cause and the reason behind why I feel poverty is the most serious issue facing the world. Where there are different degrees of poverty, absolute and relative, it is indeed a world-wide epidemic leaving billions of people deprived of the most basic human needs (food, water, shelter, clothes, education, healthcare), vulnerable to violence, and hopelessly fighting for survival.
2) Public Education
Internationally, millions of people do not have access to public education leaving them without basic knowledge necessary to obtain stable employment and in many ways take control over their lives. Due to a lack in public education, opportunity is limited; therefore, numerous people find themselves engulfed in the vicious cycle of crime, poverty, and decrease life satisfaction. Not only does this educational crisis take toll on the lives of the people themselves, but entire nations and the world at large cannot progress and see advancements in technology, health (physical, mental, social wellbeing), and a reduction in crime without recognition and direct actions being taken to offer all members of the world public education, an opportunity to thrive and...

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