Threats To Democracy, Current & Future (2014)

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Heather L Hansen Democracy in Troubled Times POL-110HA-CL01 Instructor: Laura Reyes Saint Leo University Reflective Journal: Democracies Alternatives and Its Nations. Chosen Objective: Identify Current and future threats to democracy DUE: August 24, 2014 (11:59pm)Some may think that we have seen some devastating things in the course of our time studying and utilizing Democracy but the worst is yet to come if we stay on the path we are on as both an American democratic country and other democratic governemnts. The lack of constitutional leadership that protects and serves rights of citizens, distrust in government, lack of accountability and corruption, and the media; are all large current and future threats to democracy. If these menaces are not altered somehow, they will not only be a present threat to democracy but a future one as well, with long lasting effects. Poor relations or distrust between state and federal institutions is a direct and current threat to democracy. Whether it be American statesman distrusting the Unites States Federal Government or Pakistan's mistrust between center and provinces - trust is a widespread issue currently and once again, If not fixed, will become a future threat to democratic institutions alike. The current extraordinarily small level of answerability and lack of interest in and or lack of researching public opinion is very dangerous. The lack of political socialization will not help citizens understand why government does what it does; likewise, a government would need to know what the public issues are within the people's lives they are supposed to represent. We need to have measures of public opinion… as people grow up… from school, from friends, and mainly families, about certain issues… and one way or another they agree with most people…in their environment (Pearson Higher Education, 2013)."A minor level of accountability and transparency is an overall current and future threat to democratic practices globally. Our country was built on the foundational ideal that there must be checks and balances, and the people must rule, for the people. There seems to be more of a financial order lying beneath the United States' Democratic processes more than a political order (Langley, 2002).Year after year, we have reported Untied State's gains, but we have not publicized that all of those gains were only attributed to the top one percent of our population. In fact, we are losing money and essentially borrowing at a higher interest rate as a result of downgrading our credit score (Emry, 2012).Thomas Jefferson once said:""If the...

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