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Three Aspects To Consider When Creating A Video Game

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Video games; the only form of entertainment that has the ability to give people the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want, without consequences. One moment you could be hitting a home run, the next you could be bombing an enemy country, or the next you could be running from the cops with strippers, rifles, and cocaine in your back seat. All good games have similar qualities, but there a few that stand out more than others.
One of these qualities is that the video game takes place in a different time. For example, the game Assassin’s Creed II; by placing the game in a different time period, it makes the game more interesting and engaging. The player is unfamiliar with the surroundings, culture, and society of this time so he is more interested in the game as a whole, instead of just focusing on one single aspect, such as storyline. It also adds a bit of learning into the game, so it is somewhat education. The player can learn about a country’s historical background and its geography, among other things. In Assassin’s Creed II, the game takes place in Venice during the Italian Renaissance. This adds a whole new atmosphere, mood, and feel to the game. All of the NPC’s are dressed up, wearing masks, and partying all the time. Another example is the game Skyrim. This game takes its setting even farther into the past to the point where swords, dragons, and other medieval/fantastical elements come into play. The players are not used to seeing these things every day so it adds tons of interest. One last example is the game Dishonored; this game’s setting is very unique because it includes elements from both the future and the past, so the player is not sure of which time period the game takes place in. This provokes thinking throughout the game and creates a unique game play experience that would normally not be seen in most games. By changing the setting and placing the game in a different time period, you introduce the player to an overall more interesting and immersive game, both of which are important elements to consider when creating a game.
Another quality that should be considered when attempting to create a good game, is the use of violence. Although many parents, social activists, and others may be against violent games, (for which they have their reasons) the truth is that people feed on the unrealisticness and violence in games. Games that break through boundaries, push the limits, and bring the players something new that they are either not physically or legally able to do in their normal lives will, in most cases, achieve more success than games on the opposite side of the spectrum. One great example of this is the game Grand Theft Auto V. Released just over four months ago, this is one of the most violent, controversial games ever released. On the other hand, it is also one of the most critically acclaimed games ever released, recieving a 5 star review on the gaming website Metacritic, a rating which has only been given...

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