Three Basic Requirements For A Happy Family

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Before we talk about the requirements that make a happy family, let's try to define what ahappy family is. What makes for family happy? Is it something material like a big house or anice car? Is it financial stability? Is it a good paying job, vacations, a cabin by the lake?I know that at least for me, a nice job, a big house, and a nice car I could drive to mycabin by the lake would definitely make my family at least a couple of notches happier. But arethose the things that really make a family happy. I think about the really happy moments in myfamily's history and they all come back through flashes of smiles, hugs and laughter. I may notremember what car we had then, when I was a young little woman, but I clearly remember thetimes my father took me fossil hunting and how happy those times were for me having specialtime together.So I believe there is something more profound, something deeper, something that lastslong after the shine of the new car is gone. I do not know, and I do not think it really matterswhich one is more important than the other, but my belief is that the main ingredients for a happyfamily life are: Love, honesty, and caring. I believe that every good thing comes from somecombination of those three.Love is the main ingredient, the feeling that keeps the family together in spite of anything.Love lets us forgive easier and understand each other better. It makes us care for one another,worry about one another, want to do nice things for one another. Love is the one thing that keepsthe family together. Love brings about empathy, compassion for the loved one, it makes his painour pain, his sadness our sadness and the wanting of doing everything we can do to stop his andour pain.Honesty would have...


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1260 words - 6 pages trade centers. Following her from the rift flew out Maya Angelou, which to her luck, fell into a swimming pool on the top deck of a hotel. The third and last person to arrive out of their time was William Bradford. Which, by the grace of God, fell right into a bin filled to the top with marshmallows that city was going to use for a city wide s'more fest. It didn't take too much time for all three famous authors to find each other. All three were

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Betrayal by Stephanie Murray. A basic short story written for English 10. Includes introduction, rising action, climax, etc.

2465 words - 10 pages uneasiness in Denny's voice, but it didn't effect the conversation at all. After discussing Cassy's trip, they planned for the coming day. Denny and a few other girlfriends would head over to the Mason's about 4:30 pm on Saturday. They would spend the following three and a half hours preparing; leave at 8:00 pm and end up at the party around 8:15 pm, casually late so they'd all surely be noticed. Saturday night could not come soon enough

A research essay for a basic freshman writing class. The thesis of the paper is that Alcohol is the worst drug in the United States.

549 words - 2 pages the sale of alcohol. People do need to be educated on the dangers of alcohol so each person can make the best decision for themselves and their family, which would be to avoid alcohol alcohol all together.ReferencesAlaraki, M. (2010). Alcohol is society's most dangerous drug. Retrieved from, D.J., (2010). Drugs harms in the UK: a multicriteria decision analysis

Duddy's family plays a significant role for all of Duddy's goals, attitudes and actions in life.

1216 words - 5 pages impact on Duddy's actions because Duddy does anything he can for them. In order to gain their acceptance he works extremely hard and spends his valuable time helping them out. Duddy's family plays a significant role for all of Duddy's goals, attitudes and actions in life. Duddy's family is responsible for Duddy to make his primary goal to gain their acceptance. Duddy has the attitude that he does not belong and must change, which is created by

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1437 words - 6 pages disclosure increases intimacy and marital satisfaction (Lahey). Partners who are in a married situation often feel the need to communicate their feelings and ideas to keep their marriage open, happy, and healthy. The main reason for breakup of marriages is a lack of communication (Stark). The cause for the lack of communication most often is that people do not know how to properly communicate with one another especially in a conflict situation where

Describing society using three films, Requiem for a dream, fight club, and American Psycho as examples.

1772 words - 7 pages fault for many of the poor self-images out there that change a person's perceptions of him or herself. Like the disorders anorexia and bulimia, both mental illnesses that make the individual think that they are fat, when in reality they are nearly dying from being so skinny. Americans' perceptions of how women should look are disturbing; is it more important for a girl to be skinny or smart? I'm gladyou watched the three movies I suggested to you

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