Three Branches Of The Government Is About Just That, The 3 Branches Of The Us Government

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In one form or another order must be maintained. Different countries have different methods of doing this. Some countries have a dictatorship, while others have a monarchy. The United States, however, has a democracy. In a democracy three different types of branches of government present themselves.One branch of the government, the Executive Branch includes the White House and Office of the President, plus offices that work directly with the President in preparation and implementation of major policy. The cabinet departments work directly with the president in preparation and implementations of major policy. The cabinet departments take charge of overseeing specific areas of top-level responsibility. Fourteen departments make up the cabinet department. Each department has one secretary. Fourteen secretaries make up the president's Cabinet. The Cabinet's secretaries report to the President about the happenings in their department. The president then makes a decision on what he wants to do about that particular problem. If the problem can be settled inside that particular group then he will order the changes to be brought about. If the problem cannot be settled he then must go to congress to pass a bill or law.Another branch in the government, the Judicial Branch, handles the courts, the U.S. Circuit Courts and Courts of Appeal. The U.S. Circuits Courts has eleven circuits. Each circuit has two or more states assigned to it. Among the circuit courts and court of appeal the Judicial Branch contains the District of Columbia Circuit, which caters to the capital. The U.S. Circuit Courts and Courts of Appeal deal with the problems in the states that they have been assigned. Contained in the Judicial...

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1898 words - 8 pages punishment to end self-government in Massachusetts, the thirteen colonies joined together in a congress that led to an armed conflict in April of 1775. The next year on July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by congress and drafted by Thomas Jefferson, and the American government was born. The American government is a simple yet complex system comprised of three different branches: Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial

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1142 words - 5 pages ? This certainly becomes a topic for discussion. How are the three branches of the United States government supposed to act? Is the system that our forefathers put in place successful? How was the conflict between supporters of a strong federal government and champions of state's characterized then as opposed to now? And how could things have been designed more efficiently? The answers to these questions are critical to understanding where we are a

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1430 words - 6 pages Branches of Government 222 years ago, the United States government was created, thanks to a little document known as the Constitution. Within the Constitution, three branches of government were created; the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Each of these branches have checks upon each other and keep the country running like a well-oiled machine. Of the three branches, the first one to be outlined in the Constitution is the Legislative

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995 words - 4 pages The Founding Fathers knew that our country needed a strong central government. They did not want one part to have more control than another. They came up with the three branches of government to equally spread out the power. Each branch has their own separate duties and roles to make sure our government runs smoothly, and so no one branch can overthrow another. The three branches are Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The Legislative

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